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Bill Adee

March 26, 2018 01:48 AM

Check out the VSiN store for latest and greatest in sports betting fashion.

You’ll find VSiN shirts and hats for any occasion.

They are made to order so you can find the right design, color and size.

We have more than 30 shirt designs but some of the more popular collections include . . .

Our Lucky Numbers collection . . . Are you a underdog bettor? . . . maybe 7.5 is your number, maybe 3.5?

Are you a Brent Musburger fan? We have a selection of shirts for you.

Or maybe you prefer a “I don’t need luck, I have Jimmy Vaccaro” shirt.

Are you an under player? We have an “It’s not Under Until It’s Over” for you.

And if you have ever spent a long night out and about in Las Vegas, you’ll understand our tribute to the local hockey team and its amazing ability to catch road teams napping, “VEGAS FLU? PUCK YEAH!”

Those shirts, plus other designs and VSiN hats in our online store. Go to and order now.

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