Wisconsin's newest millionaire says he never made sports bet before wager on Tiger

By Thomas Viola  (VSiN.com) 

April 16, 2019 12:51 AM
Joe Asher (left), CEO of William Hill US, and Paul Hobson, General Manager of SLS, presented James Adducci with a check for $1,275,000 (1,190,00 payout plus original 85,000 stake) at the William Hill book at SLS Casino in Las Vegas.
© Courtesy William Hill US

Why did a 39-year-old Wisconsin man who has never placed a sports bet fly to Las Vegas to put $85,000 on Tiger Woods to win the Masters at 14/1?

“It wasn’t about the odds for me,” James Adducci told VSiN’s Brent Musburger on My Guys in the Desert. “My reasons for thinking that he was going to win were more personal, about where he is at in his career and his life.”

Adducci’s gut feeling was rewarded when Woods won the Masters. On Monday, Adducci flew back to Vegas to receive a check for $1,275,000 (inclusive of the $1,190,00 payout plus the original $85,000 stake) from William Hill officials at SLS Las Vegas, where he made the bet last Tuesday.

Adducci’s payout is the biggest futures win for a customer on a single bet and the biggest golf win for a customer on a single bet in William Hill’s history. 

Adducci was fortunate to even make it to the window. Two sports books turned down the wager before William Hill accepted it. Plus Adducci carried the money in a backpack he bought at Walmart for the occasion and took a shared Lyft ride to the SLS sportsbook.

“That was interesting. I mean, I wouldn’t recommend that,” he said. Now that he has learned his lesson, “I’d elect not to take the payout cash in a book bag, in a Lyft ride around Vegas.”

Adducci watches golf with his father, who is unable to play anymore, but introduced his son to the game as a kid. The two bond over the sport, though watching Sunday’s round with his dad proved difficult for Adducci at times. 

“He has no problem asking me, at the most critical shots, to go get him some custard out of the freezer, or go get him this, and when I come back he wants something else. I love the guy to death, but it was really hard to try to pay attention. When he started falling asleep on the 12th hole I just about lost it,” said Adducci. 

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