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Westgate posts playoff props on all NFL teams

Matt Youmans  
VSiN senior editor

July 3, 2017 05:05 AM

Will Aaron Rodgers lead the Green Bay Packers back to the playoffs in 2017-18? The "Yes" side of the prop opened as a minus-310 favorite Sunday at the Westgate sports book.
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Only six teams in the NFL made the playoffs in each of the past two seasons. Obviously, the New England Patriots were one of those teams. Bill Belichick and Tom Brady get automatic invites.
It’s probably easy to guess Green Bay and Seattle were in that group, too. The Packers and Seahawks were the only NFC teams to reach the postseason in 2015 and 2016. In the AFC, the Patriots were joined by Pittsburgh, Houston and Kansas City the past two years.
How many of last season’s 12 playoff teams — New England, Miami, Pittsburgh, Houston, Kansas City, Oakland, Dallas, New York Giants, Green Bay, Detroit, Atlanta, Seattle — will return after the 2017 season? Probably half, based on historical trends.
The Westgate sports book has posted “Yes/No” propositions on all 32 teams. Will your favorite team make the playoffs? Here are the odds:
Arizona Cardinals Yes plus-175; No -200
Atlanta Falcons Yes -150; No plus-130
Baltimore Ravens Yes/No -110
Buffalo Bills Yes plus-550; No -800
Carolina Panthers Yes/No -110
Chicago Bears Yes plus-1,200; No -3,000
Cincinnati Bengals Yes plus-140; No -160
Cleveland Browns Yes plus-2,000; No -10,000
Dallas Cowboys Yes -200; No plus-175
Denver Broncos Yes plus-220; No -260
Detroit Lions Yes plus-300; No -360
Green Bay Packers Yes -310; No plus-260
Houston Texans Yes plus-140; No -160
Indianapolis Colts Yes plus-140; No -160
Jacksonville Jaguars Yes plus-400; No -500
Kansas City Chiefs Yes -150; No plus-130
Los Angeles Chargers Yes plus-270; No -330
Los Angeles Rams Yes plus-900; No -1,600
Miami Dolphins Yes plus-375; No -450
Minnesota Vikings Yes plus-160; No -180
New England Patriots Yes -5,000; No plus-1,500
New Orleans Saints Yes plus-240; No -280
New York Giants Yes plus-130; No -150
New York Jets Yes plus-2,000; No -10,000
Oakland Raiders Yes -160; No plus-140
Philadelphia Eagles Yes plus-175; No -200
Pittsburgh Steelers Yes -340; No plus-280
San Francisco 49ers Yes plus-1,400; No -4,000
Seattle Seahawks Yes -600; No plus-450
Tampa Bay Buccaneers Yes plus-175; No -200
Tennessee Titans Yes plus-140; No -160
Washington Redskins Yes plus-330; No -400

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