Wednesday college basketball betting previews: Florida St.-Louisville and Okla.-Okla. St.

Greg Peterson

March 6, 2018 07:27 PM

Florida State vs Louisville (Noon ET on ESPN)

Opening Line: Florida State PK

Offensive Efficiency: Florida State #52, Louisville #103

Defensive Efficiency: Florida State #86, Louisville #47

Rebound Rate: Florida State #62, Louisville #165

Percent of Shots are 3s: Florida State #174, Louisville #235

Free-Throw Shooting Percentage: Florida State #275, Louisville #83

Pace: Florida State #28, Louisville #119

Florida State appears to be in the NCAA Tournament field while Louisville is very much on the bubble and needs a win.

Florida State has been picking up its wins in shootouts. The Seminoles have not scored fewer than 80 points in a win since taking down Charleston Southern on Dec. 18.

Louisville has struggled of late, losing seven of its last 10, with its defense being the key. In its three wins, Louisville has allowed fewer than 70 points in each. But the team has given up more than 70 in six of its seven loses. The lone exception was its blow-up against Virginia.

Louisville has solid overall size and is one of the top shot-blocking teams in the country. Florida State also has good size across the board and has used a 10-man rotation at times. With that size, Florida State is better at defending the paint than the 3-point arc.

Louisville has a significant advantage at the free-throw line with the Seminoles trading off poor free-throw shooting for a team that is solid on the glass. If Florida State can keep Louisville at bay on the boards and prevent second and third chances, the Cardinals will be forced to shoot much better than they have for much of the season.

Oklahoma vs Oklahoma State (7 p.m. ET on ESPNU)

Opening Line: Oklahoma PK

Offensive Efficiency: Oklahoma #53, Oklahoma State #110

Defensive Efficiency: Oklahoma #229, Oklahoma State #135

Rebound Rate: Oklahoma #175, Oklahoma State #136

Percent of Shots are 3s: Oklahoma #89, Oklahoma State #137

Free-Throw Shooting Percentage: Oklahoma #51, Oklahoma State #39

Pace: Oklahoma #6, Oklahoma State #98

Oklahoma and Oklahoma State are stunningly the Nos. 8 and 9 seeds in the conference tournament with matching 8-10 records. Despite its late-season woes, Oklahoma should be a lock for the NCAA Tournament while the Cowboys are trying to make a big late-season run to get on the bubble.

Oklahoma was among the top 20 teams in offensive efficiency toward the end of January. Trae Young had his late-season struggles, which caused the whole offense to go into a valley.

These two teams split the season series with Young taking 39 shots in Oklahoma's overtime loss in the second go-around.

Oklahoma State is a much different team, as the Cowboys go eight deep in their rotation and are relatively equal on the offensive and defensive ends. The Cowboys' ball movement isn't the best, but they make up for it by shooting well at the free-throw line and forcing a lot of turnovers on defense.

Oklahoma State has a versatile lineup. Nearly everyone sans Mitchell Solomon is a threat to take a 3. Oklahoma takes more of its shots from 3-point distance with Young being the reason. Though he has been in a shooting slump, the freshman is unafraid to pull up from way beyond the 3-point arc.

Oklahoma State is not the best at shooting 3s. But with how poorly Oklahoma defends the perimeter, going long distance could be the Cowboys' ticket to win and cover. The 3-ball also will be important for Oklahoma, which is hit or miss from distance.

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