Sports Betting Podcasts

Welcome to VSiN's sports betting podcast page, where you can find a plethora of informative and entertaining podcasts designed to help you become a more savvy and successful sports bettor. VSiN, The Sports Betting Network, is the trusted source for sports-betting insights and expert analysis. Our team of seasoned professionals brings you in-depth coverage of everything from football and basketball to horse racing and beyond. Our podcasts feature some of the top experts in the industry, sharing their knowledge and experience to help you make more informed betting decisions. Whether you're a seasoned bettor or just getting started, VSiN's sports-betting podcasts are an essential resource for anyone looking to gain an edge in the world of sports betting.



VSiN Best Bets Podcast

Listen to daily sports betting highlights from the entire 24/7 stream of VSiN experts tracking line moves, odds, props, wins, losses and bad beats from sportsbooks in Vegas and across the country. 

Show specific podsFollow The Money - The Lombardi Line - A Numbers Game




Beating The Book With Gill Alexander

Gill Alexander, sports betting expert and Host of VSiN's "A Numbers Game" on uncovers the best of sports handicapping including free picks, the ins and outs of gambling strategies, and the truth behind sports book and casino operations. Together with industry high stakes handicappers and sports wagering experts, Gill covers NFL, college football, MLB baseball, golf, horse racing, and more.




VSiN Daily Morning Bets

Start your morning with VSiN's new podcast VSiN Daily Morning Bets. Josh Applebaum gives you every piece of info you need to be ready for betting the days biggest games in just 15 minutes. He discusses line movement, injuries and what you need to be looking at before you make your bets. Make the VSiN Daily Morning Bets Podcast part of your morning routine.




VSiN Daily Baseball Bets podcast 

Adam Burke hosts the VSiN Daily Baseball Bets podcast. Adam gives you all the analysis to be the best Major League Baseball bettor you can be. Get the best MLB analysis on games, futures, and awards markets right here! Subscribe to the VSiN Daily Baseball Bets podcast today!





All Angles: A Football Betting Podcast

Matt Brown hosts the All Angles podcast focused on NFL betting. Matt and VSiN's best football experts will give you three episodes per week to make you the best pro football bettor you can be!





GM Shuffle / NFL Podcast 

It's football season and the GM Shuffle Podcast is a must listen for every football fan. Hear former NFL Executive Michael Lombardi give his unfiltered opinion on players, teams and coaching decisions every Monday and Thursday all throughout the football season, along with VSiN's Femi Abebefe.





VSiN College Football Betting Podcast

Tim Murray and other VSiN analysts preview the week in college football with three episodes per week. Sunday: First look at lines and discuss which games we think there will be movement so bettors can take advantage early. Tuesday: This episode, with VSiN analyst Adam Burke, focuses on mid-week and small conference games that stand out from the weekend. Thursday: Full breakdown of the biggest Power 5 games on Saturday.





Coast to Coast Hoops / College Basketball Betting Podcast

Join Greg 'Hoops' Peterson for a look at every major and some of the minor college basketball games on the upcoming schedule to find betting opportunities.  Greg has an opinion on every single college hoops game of the season and on this podcast he provides his unique insights and looks for those games that have solid betting opportunities 




VSiN College Basketball Betting Podcast

Tim Murray hosts the VSiN College Basketball Betting Podcast. Tim gives you all the analysis to be the best college basketball bettor you can be. Get the best college basketball analysis on betting odds, lines, totals, and predictions for March Madness right here! Subscribe to the VSiN College Basketball Betting Podcast today!





VSiN Hockey Betting Podcast / NHL Betting Podcast

Danny Burke and Andy MacNeil host the VSiN Hockey Betting Podcast. Danny and Andy give you all the analysis to be the best NHL bettor you can be. Get the best NHL analysis on betting odds, lines, totals, and predictions right here! 





First Strike Podcast / UFC Betting Podcast

In this weekly (Fridays) podcast, VSiN host Dave Ross previews all of the biggest MMA, UFC and boxing action of the weekend.  Dave, along with expert fight handicappers look at the biggest favorites and underdogs on every card and provide their analysis on the best bets of the weekend.  Get the insider look at where the money is moving and how to evaluate each of the fighters before you place your bets.




VSiN Market Insights Podcast

In this daily (Noon ET) podcast, VSiN reporter Josh Appelbaum explains the ups and downs of the sports betting markets — how the line movements and odds changes translate into smarter handicapping and winning wagers.  Josh is a noted contrarian bettor and he watches the market movement of games closely to find betting value when public betting money shifts the odds and betting lines to a favorable position.  




Hardwood Handicappers / NBA Betting Podcast

Previewing the NBA betting action of the day. VSiN, senior NBA analyst Jonathan Von Tobel looks at all the angles for the games to determine who is playing, what kind of a situation is a team in, and every other aspect of the match-up. There are a ton of great opportunities in betting the NBA on a nightly basis during the regular season. It is a massively fun league with the greatest athletes on the planet, and we can make some money on it from time to time. 




Long Shots / PGA Golf Betting Podcast

The complete PGA Golf betting show with weekly insights and analysis for every tournament from Las Vegas experts. Hosts Matt Brown, Wes Reynolds and Kelley Bydlon give you insights for every tournament. VSiN sports betting experts and golf and casino industry guests appear on a regular basis.  





Gone Racin' NASCAR Betting Podcast

Veteran NASCAR driver, Brendan Gaughan, and Las Vegas Motor Speedway Public Relations Director, Jeff Motley, provide betting insight on the week in NASCAR. They look at upcoming and future races, review betting odds and value, handicaps, and driver versus driver matches.  Brendan and Jeff bring you all the latest news, odds, and everything you need to know to head to the betting counter before each NASCAR Cup Race.



VSiN F1 Betting Podcast

Ben Wilson and Mikhail Miranda host the F1 Betting Podcast, a Formula 1 betting podcast. Ben and Mikhail give you all the analysis to be the best F1 bettor you can be. Get the best F1 analysis on betting odds and predictions right here.