Vinny Magliulo: North Carolina leads power rankings


Duke stopped Luke Maye and UNC on Thursday night, but the Tar Heels are still at the top of our power rankings (USA Today Sports Images).

By Vinny Magliulo

Members of NCAA men’s basketball selection committee will offer a sneak peek on Saturday at their thinking on the tournament seeding.

So we’ll do ours a day early.

The committee will unveil the current top 4 teams in each region at 12:30 ET on Saturday on CBS. The real Selection Sunday is March 12.

But with all due respect to the committee and other polls, here are my top 20 teams in my college basketball power rankings.

(And as we know here at VSiN, these are the rankings that matter most in our world.)

1. North Carolina

2. Kansas

3. Virginia

4. Louisville

5. Gonzaga

6. West Virginia

7.  Villanova

8.  Kentucky

9.  Duke

10. Baylor

11. Florida

12. UCLA

13. Oregon

14. Florida State

15. Wisconsin

16. Purdue

17. Cincinnati

18. Arizona

19. Butler

20. Iowa State

Yes, I know North Carolina lost on Thursday night, but it was at Duke and the Tar Heels played without Isaiah Hicks.

Most important to remember, these rankings are based on the teams' body of work for the entire season.

Teams such as Wichita State and SMU are poised to get into this top 20, so we will see how the teams shift in and out between now and March 12.

Veteran oddsmaker Vinny Magliulo is VP of strategic partnerships and marketing for VSiN.

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