Vegas casino owner finishes 10-19-3 on $11K bets

March 17, 2017 10:58 PM
Derek Stevens made his picks on Brent Musburger's My Guys in the Desert show on Sunday.
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Las Vegas impresario Derek Stevens bounced back from a rough start in the 2017 NCAA Tournament to go 5-2 in the early Friday session (with one pass). His five winners were Michigan, Arkansas, Oregon, Jacksonville State, and Rhode Island.

Stevens would go 2-3-1 in the Friday night session, with two passes. His 32-game challenge finished with a mark of 10-19-3.

Stevens, the visionary behind “The D” downtown and a driving force behind the rejuvenation of Fremont Street, risked $352,000 to win $320,000 as the first 32 tournament point spreads were posted at South Point. 

Eleven dimes to win 10 dimes…game by game…for Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday action.

Here's the final breakdown...


Lost New Orleans -1.5 vs. Mt. St. Mary’s

Lost Wake Forest plus 1 vs. Kansas State

0-2 for the session, -$22,000


Lost North Carolina Central -2 vs. Cal Davis

Lost Providence plus 1 vs. USC

0-2 for the session, -$22,000. 0-4 for the tournament, -$44,000

Thursday’s Early Session (in tip-off order)

Lost Notre Dame -7.5 vs. Princeton

WON NC Wilmington plus 8 vs. Virginia

Pushed Winthrop plus 12 vs. Butler

Lost Gonzaga -22 vs. South Dakota State

Lost West Virginia -14 vs. Bucknell

Lost Tennessee State plus 12 vs. Florida

Won Middle Tennessee plus 3 vs. Minnesota

Lost Vanderbilt pick-em vs. Northwestern

2-5-1 for the session, -$35,000. 2-9-1 for the tournament, -$79,000

Thursday’s Late Session (in tip-off order)

Lost Maryland -1 vs. Xavier

Passed Mount St. Mary’s vs. Villanova because the matchup was unknown Sunday

Lost VCU plus 3.5 vs. St. Mary’s

Pushed Vermont plus 10 vs. Purdue

Won Florida Gulf Coast plus 14 vs. Florida State

Lost Virginia Tech plus 6 vs. Wisconsin

Lost North Dakota plus 17 vs. Arizona

Lost Nevada plus 6.5 vs. Iowa State

1-5-1 for the session, with one pass, -$45,000. 3-14-2 for the tournament, -$124,000

Friday’s Early Session (in tip-off order)

Won Michigan pick-em vs. Oklahoma State

Lost New Mexico State plus 13 vs. Baylor

Won Arkansas -1 vs. Seton Hall

Won Oregon -15 vs. Iona

Won Jacksonville State plus 22 vs. Louisville

Passing USC vs. SMU because the matchup was unknown Sunday

Lost Texas Southern plus 25 vs. North Carolina

Won Rhode Island plus 2 vs. Creighton

5-2 for the session, with one pass, plus $28,000. 8-16-2 for the tournament, -$96,000

Friday’s Late Session (in tip-off order)

Passing Cal Davis vs. Kansas because the matchup was unknown Sunday

Lost Wichita State -6.5 vs. Dayton

Lost Troy plus 19.5 vs. Duke

Passing Kansas State vs. Cincinnati because the matchup was unknown Sunday

Won Michigan State plus 1.5 vs. Miami

Northern Kentucky 19 vs. Kentucky

Loss Marquette plus 2.5 vs. South Carolina

UCLA -17 vs. Kent State

2-3-1 for the session, with two passes, -$13,000. 10-19-3 for the tournament -$109,000

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