Updated Odds to win the AFC, NFC and Super Bowl Entering Wild Card Weekend

January 8, 2021 01:04 AM

Happy Friday! We have a loaded slate today with 30-plus college basketball games and 10 NBA games. For an updated breakdown of Friday's betting action, be sure to tune in to the VSiN Market Insights Podcast with Josh Appelbaum. It will be posted at noon ET. I'll also be joining the Lombardi Line with Michael Lombardi and Patrick Meagher at 12:25 p.m. ET to offer a market update.

With the NFL Playoffs about to begin, many sports bettors will be looking to place a futures bet or two. They can spice up the playoffs by providing a rooting interest in the overall outcome, and hopefully another way to pad your bankroll outside of individual playoff game bets. The odds to win each conference and the Super Bowl will surely move based on the outcome of this weekend's games. While many bettors have already gotten much better numbers on these teams by placing futures bets weeks and months ago (or before the season began), there is still time for savvy bettors to lock in some value bets as we head into Wild Card Weekend. For some teams, now is the last shot to get them at their highest payouts. If they advance this weekend, their odds will shorten.

Here are the latest odds via BetMGM

To win the AFC

Chiefs + 100

Bills + 375

Ravens + 550

Steelers + 1400

Titans + 1400

Colts + 2200

Browns + 2200

To win the NFC

Packers + 210

Saints + 325

Bucs + 360

Seahawks + 400

Rams + 1400

Bears + 4000

Washington + 500

To win the Super Bowl

Chiefs + 240

Packers + 550

Bills + 700

Saints + 750

Ravens + 1000

Bucs + 1100

Seahawks + 1400

Rams + 2500

Steelers + 2500

Titans + 2500

Colts + 4000

Browns + 4000

Bears + 8000

Washington + 10000

Of course, when you place a futures bet you hope that team will come through for you and win it all. But it's important to note that futures can also present hedging opportunities. For example, let's say you like the Steelers as a + 1400 longshot to win the AFC. The ideal scenario is that they win the AFC and reach the Super Bowl. However, you could also just cross your fingers that they reach the AFC championship game, where they might be facing the Chiefs or Bills. If that scenario comes to fruition, you could either let your bet ride on the Steelers + 1400 or hedge it by betting their opponent (Chiefs or Bills) on the moneyline, thereby guaranteeing yourself a profit.

Here are the latest Super Bowl matchup odds (top 10)

Chiefs vs Packers + 525

Chiefs vs Saints + 750

Chiefs vs Bucs + 850

Chiefs vs Seahawks + 900

Bills vs Packers + 1400

Bills vs Saints + 1400

Bills vs Bucs + 2000

Bills vs Seahawks + 2200

Ravens vs Saints + 2500

Ravens vs Bucs + 2800

On Wild Card Weekend, bettors can also wager on which game will be the highest scoring. Here are the latest odds along with their totals.

Ravens at Titans + 210     (OU 55)

Colts at Bills + 300     (OU 51)

Bears at Saints + 500     (OU 47)

Browns at Steelers + 525     (OU 47.5)

Bucs at Washington + 600     (OU 45.5)

Rams at Seahawks + 900     (OU 42)

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