Updated NBA and NHL Futures Prices

August 28, 2020 01:23 AM

With the world of sports taking a collective pause to stand up against social injustice, bettors are left wondering what to do with their downtime. Ever since the return of major sports in late July, we've been inundated with action on a daily basis. For a month straight, it has been a rollercoaster of non-stop sweats starting at noon and going until midnight. Suddenly, we once again find ourselves searching for action. 

One benefit from this pause is the ability to reassess the futures market and look for value. 

When betting futures, one important variable to remember is liquidity. Futures should be handled differently from your daily individual betting. You should be extra selective and make sure not to bet too many futures so that you tie up your bankroll on a bunch of long term plays that will take weeks or months to cash. You would hate to bet so many futures that you leave yourself without enough money to spend when games return. Instead, look at futures as a way to pick your spots and use them as a nice cherry on top to pad your bankroll. 

The other advantage to betting futures is setting yourself up for a hedging opportunity. For example, if you bet the Celtics to win the NBA title, of course you are rooting for Boston to win it all. However, in reality you only need them to make it to the Eastern Conference finals or NBA finals. That way you can start to hedge your bets by betting the opponent in order to guarantee yourself a profit. 

Here are the latest odds across the NBA and NHL at BetMGM.


Series Prices

Nuggets + 280 vs Jazz -358

(Utah leads 3-2)

Clippers -2500 vs Mavs + 1200

(Los Angeles leads 3-2)

Raptors -150 vs Celtics + 125

(yet to begin)

Eastern Conference Winner

Bucks -121

Raptors + 340

Celtics + 420

Heat + 700

Magic + 50000

Western Conference Winner

Lakers + 125

Clippers + 140

Rockets + 800

Nuggets, Jazz + 2200

Thunder + 2800

Mavericks + 3500

Trail Blazers + 10000

NBA Championship

Lakers, Bucks + 280

Clippers + 300

Raptors + 800

Celtics + 1000

Rockets + 1400

Heat + 1600

Mavs, Nuggets, Jazz + 4000

Thunder + 5000

Blazers + 20000


Series Prices

Lightning -250 vs Bruins + 200

(Tampa leads 2-1)

Stars -154 vs Avalanche + 130

(Dallas leads 2-1)

Knights -304 vs Canucks + 250

(Series tied 1-1)

Flyers -115 vs Islanders -106

(Series tied 1-1)

Eastern Conference

Lightning + 130

Flyers + 320

Bruins + 360

Islanders + 440

Western Conference

Golden Knights -106

Stars + 320

Avalanche + 330

Canucks + 900

Stanley Cup Champion

Golden Knights + 275

Lightning + 350

Stars + 700

Avalanche, Flyers + 725

Bruins + 800

Islanders + 950

Canucks + 1900

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