Tuley's Takes on NFL, Derby


This is an exciting week for us in the Tuley’s Takes home office with the confluence of the four major sports with the NFL Draft thrown in with NBA, NHL and MLB, plus the Kentucky Derby returning to its rightful place on the first Saturday in May.

I’ll get to my first impressions of Tuesday’s Derby draw in a bit, but let’s start with the much-anticipated NFL Draft, which commences with its first round at 8 p.m. ET Thursday and runs through Saturday (with the vast majority of betting action taking place on Thursday).

I’ll leave the betting advice to my VSiN colleagues who have been following all the news and rumors more than yours truly. Besides, most of the “obvious” bets have already been snapped up, and I haven’t found any props where I’m willing to fade the early wise action that tends to do very well year after year in the draft. I’ve had success with draft betting in the past, but nothing jumped off the board to me this year (and trying to sort through the countless mock drafts out there nowadays seems like a fool’s errand).

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