Tuley's Takes on dog-or-pass approach


After returning to the Tuley’s Takes home office Sunday night after a week away from the Las Vegas heat in San Diego, I didn’t have a column idea for this week.

But then I woke up early Monday during “Follow the Money” to hear Mitch Moss saying that “Dave Tuley in the NFL, 99.5% of the time he’s betting dogs” and Matt Youmans followed up with, “You can’t ignore the favorite column, you’re taking out half your options” (it’s at the 47:30 mark if you download the FTM archive at VSiN.com). Believe me, I wasn’t offended in the least that they were discussing my “dog-or-pass approach.” Heck, I’ve worked hard to gain my reputation as the “dogmatic” underdog bettor around here.

However, with football season coming up, this seems like as good a time as any to clarify my position, especially as we have new readers joining all the time.

I won’t dispute Mitch’s comment except to say it’s closer to 98.9% if you consider I averaged around one favorite a year in contests such as Circa Sports Million and the Westgate SuperContest, which averaged 85 picks a season when there were 17 weeks in the NFL season.

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