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I was out of the Tuley’s Takes home office last week as I drove my younger kids to summer camp near Yosemite National Park and spent the week in San Francisco with my wife and eldest child, Jordyn.

I’m sure it was similar to vacations the rest of you take, doing the touristy stuff during the day but making sure to get to a sports bar or restaurant with plenty of TVs to watch the nightly action in the NBA and NHL playoffs as well as MLB. I was still betting through friends and tracking my future wagers.

When we last gathered here in Point Spread Weekly two weeks ago, I wrote about going for the gusto and recommended many long-shot wagers, such as the NBA’s Atlanta Hawks to knock off the Philadelphia 76ers as + 250 series underdogs when that series was tied 2-2 (cha-ching!) as well as 20-1 to win the Eastern Conference and 66-1 to win the NBA Finals. I agreed with VSiN colleague Jonathan Von Tobel to back the Los Angeles Clippers to knock out the Utah Jazz at even money (again, cha-ching!) as well as + 240 to win the Western Conference and + 550 to win the NBA title. In the NHL, I recommended a flyer on the Montreal Canadiens to win the Stanley Cup at 28-1, though my similar wagers on the New York Islanders came up short.

As we entered this week, those future bets weren’t looking as strong as they were earlier, so I’d love to hear from readers who joined me on any of those bets whether you’ve started hedging. With the Hawks trailing the Bucks 2-1 heading into Tuesday night’s Game 4, the Clippers trailing the Suns 3-2 heading into Wednesday night’s Game 6 and the Canadiens trailing the Lightning 1-0 in the Stanley Cup Final, I’m starting to look at my options while still holding out hope.

Of course, I also kept up on the action so I could post my nightly betting results on Twitter @ViewFromVegas and in the next morning’s VSiN newsletter, so let’s do an update on those as we head into the rest of the week and the holiday weekend.

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