Tuley's Takes: First 5s first, then Hall of Fame Game

August 2, 2022 09:28 PM

My birthday is Aug. 2, and every year (except for 2020 due to the pandemic) I get to celebrate with the NFL’s Hall of Fame Game kicking off the preseason to mark the return of football.

Yes, these are exhibition games, but it’s pro football and there’s just something about it that can’t be replaced, even with the success we’ve had with the recent run of spring semi-pro leagues (AAF, XFL, USFL, etc.).

But first I want to discuss my recent conversion to First 5 Innings bets in baseball.

Tuley’s Take on MLB betting

I first want to say that I prefer handicapping and betting full games in all sports. I think that’s natural as it’s what most of us have done all of our adult lives from a time when there weren’t all of these other options.

But the main reason I still prefer full-game betting is because it’s what I call a natural result. It’s the ultimate goal of the two teams that are playing. While every team hopes to get off to a good start, no football or basketball team is saying “we need to be winning at halftime” and no baseball team is saying “we need to be winning after the fifth inning.” As Herm Edwards famously said when he was coaching the New York Jets: “You play to win the game.”

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