Tuley's Takes: Diving back into the betting waters

July 19, 2022 06:59 PM

We’ve had some great family time with recent trips to San Francisco and Hawaii to escape the Vegas summer heat, but it’s great being back in the Tuley’s Takes home office doing what we do.

I feel refreshed after being able to commune with nature. Hey, when you spend 99% of your days in an air-conditioned house in Las Vegas, even walking the streets of San Francisco is considered a hike, and we did tons of outdoor activities in Hawaii, plus relaxed on the beach and contemplated the meaning of life as the waves crashed on the shore. My most strenuous exercise was during a surfing lesson on Waikiki Beach. Our instructor told us we’d be exhausted from paddling our surfboard after 30 minutes, but I was struggling after about 10. However, I’m proud to say I was able to get my aging body to stand up on the board and actually rode a wave (sorry, no photo or video evidence). Honestly, I don’t know if I went 100 feet or 50 feet or 10, but I had the thrill of surfing and called it a day as I dragged my board to our instructor’s canoe and collapsed under a palm tree. At least that was one thing to check off my bucket list.

Tuley’s Takes on MLB

Even though I was on vacation, I continued to do my nightly betting recaps on Twitter @ViewFromVegas, tracking my MLB betting stats as we headed toward the All-Star break.

In my “Tuley’s Takes Today” column (the daily version of this column that has also been on hiatus but resumed Monday) at VSiN.com, I’ve written many times how it’s been a rough first half of the season for underdog bettors. Historically, favorites win at about 59% of the time, but they were closer to 61-62% for a good part of the spring and early summer. Of course, as luck would have it, dogs were barking a little more than usual the past two weeks as faves went just 111-80 (58%) with six games closing pick’em. So, dogs cut into the overall lead, but there were still some days when faves totally dominated, such as last Wednesday when they went 12-4 and Saturday when they went 14-2.

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