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Top NBA scheduling situations

With the NBA season having opened Tuesday night, the biggest story regarding the schedule is a return to normalcy. Teams will now play schedules they had become accustomed to before the league shut down in March 2020. This means starting and ending the season at the usual dates, typical days off and, if all goes well, full arenas.
While watching the action in the Orlando bubble was interesting and the NBA Finals in July offered a new twist, surely bettors will be more comfortable with the familiar template. And among the key handicapping factors for anyone who takes on the grind of daily NBA betting are the scheduling scenarios and the amount of rest or travel teams have had.
I have always believed that in sports featuring multiple games a week in an inconsistent format, the layout of a team’s schedule can have a huge impact on performance. Some teams simply fare better in certain scheduling spots than others, and there are many debatable reasons for it.
I’ve checked my NBA database over the last three seasons for spots that are relevant to the 2021-22 schedule and highlighted some of the top angles you should note this season.
These are 10 top play-on and play-against scheduling situations that have produced noteworthy results for bettors over the last few seasons. I have also listed all the spots in which they will apply this season. If you notice a continued pattern of winning, by all means keep playing it. If you see the pattern starting to turn, perhaps eliminate that from the list. 
All these scheduling situations have produced an ATS or Over/Under winning percentage of 61 percent or higher. As you analyze these records, take into account the average closing lines and totals as well as the average scores to see if you find they make foundational sense. 
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