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Three NFL bets I like right now


The aftermath of the NFL draft reminds me of being a kid on Christmas afternoon. All the presents have been unwrapped, and I already can’t wait for next Christmas. Hopefully readers followed this column’s advice and cashed in on Trey Lance going to San Francisco at + 500 and Justin Fields going to Chicago at + 1700. I was convinced for weeks that Lance would be the third pick. Then on the morning of Day 1 the draft, I was resigned to the fact that it would be Mac Jones, only to see a massive (and telling) line movement toward Lance. Is it really possible that some important people in the 49ers’ building wanted Jones but were persuaded by those who wanted Lance that fans were so much against Jones that it would be hard for the player to overcome all the vitriol? I believe there is more than meets the eye with that selection, as too much truth was accurately reported for this to be some sort of smoke screen. 

Draft coverage made me yearn for the days before social media, when analysts would have strong takes and often criticize players and picks. I can remember Mel Kiper Jr. nearly getting into a fistfight on the air over the Colts passing on Trent Dilfer. Now if a pick or player gets criticized, the clip of the analyst calling it a bad pick will be retweeted every time the player throws a touchdown pass. So the analysts play it safe. It’s not worth being wrong and risking their credibility, so they err on the side of complimenting each pick, which makes for a very boring viewing experience. You know what’s not boring? Picking winners! Let’s find a few ...

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