The Ron Flatter Racing Pod: John Velazquez jock talk; Jeremy Balan on Santa Anita

January 3, 2019 10:00 PM

Hall of Famer John Velazquez is the longtime chairman of the Jockeys' Guild, and he discusses the arc of his progress in that role and issues that the guild continues to tackle. J.V. also mentions a horse or two that he will be riding in 2019. Jeremy Balan of the Blood-Horse discusses recent changes at Santa Anita and contributes to a preview of Saturday’s Sham Stakes, a points prep for the Kentucky Derby. The Racehorses by the Letters feature looks at the best horse ever starting with the letter "I." We go through the backlog of feedback from December. And finally, Ron tells us how he voted for Horse of the Year. The Ron Flatter Racing Pod is available at Apple, Google Play, Stitcher and

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