We’ve arrived at another NFL season, and stop me if you’ve heard this before…the Patriots are looking to defend their Super Bowl title. It has been an incredible run for that franchise as it capped another championship season with a 13-3 win over the Rams this past February in SB LIII. Speaking of incredible runs, the VSiN lineup of digital magazines is also enjoying quite a run of success, as we just passed the centennial mark for publishing the Point Spread Weekly. We also are pleased with the incredible response we received to last month’s release of the 2019 VSiN College Football Betting Guide. If you missed that one it is still available. Simply visit VSiN. com for details. This pro version is sort of like the sister product to that one, so if you liked what you got there, you’ll be equally pleased this time around.

One of the things I love the most about these special event publications that we put together at VSiN is that we are usually able to get great contributions across the board. Much like an NFL franchise, it takes an entire team to be successful, and I am proud to boast about the team that has been assembled for the 2019 VSiN NFL Betting Guide. We have put together indepth previews and predictions for all 32 teams loaded with stats, trends and other key betting tidbits. We are confdent this will be a focal piece in your preparations for the regular season, and hopefully you see enough in this issue and the CFB Guide to become a yearround subscriber to Point Spread Weekly, the sports betting world’s fastest growing digital publication.

With the much-anticipated opening-night matchup between the Packers & Bears just a few short weeks away, the 2019 VSiN NFL Betting Guide helps get you ready. We cover every team with tips and trends that have shelf life. You are going to want to either print the publication or save it in a handy location for quick reference later. As it is with everything VSiN does, our guide focuses primarily on the one aspect that VSiN enthusiasts are interested in…betting. Our experts give their takes on what you should be looking for from every team, both on sides and totals.

• Dave Tuley handles the AFC & NFC North divisions

• Bruce Marshall tackles the AFC East & NFC West divisions

• Matt Youmans offers his insights on the AFC West & NFC East divisions

• Wes Reynolds breaks down the prospects in the AFC & NFC South divisions

Each of the 32 team preview pages is loaded with a number of key handicapping features:

• This season’s schedule with top head-to-head trends

• Top performance trends that are expected to be in play for 2019

• Last year’s game logs featuring scores, point spreads and ATS/Total results

• Situational records for the last four seasons

• Last year’s key stats and league ranks

• My own 4-year EFFECTIVE STATS, good for spotting teams trending upward or downward

In addition to the team-by team and divisional analysis, we have some strategical pieces lined up for you from key VSiN personalities:

• I have given an update for 2019 to my repeatable article Using NFL Turnover Data to Predict Next Season Success, I take an in-depth look at the turnover statistic in the NFL, and how one season’s stats can translate into a team’s success or lack thereof in the follow-up season.

• My other piece is on Handicapping Rookie Quarterbacks, another handicapping subject that affects the NFL each and every season. That piece is loaded with numerous betting systems that have stood the test of time.

• Brent Musburger presents an argument backing up his Super Bowl prediction for this season, Chiefs versus Eagles. I’ll warn you in advance, though, if you’re backing a couple of different contenders, look away because Brent makes a pretty strong case for what would be an entertaining matchup.

• Michael Lombardi gives us a well-timed piece on how you should be “investing” in the NFL, rather than gambling. His recommendations are both sensible and evidence-backed, so you’re not going to want to gloss over that column.

• Scott Kellen shares with us a strategy for predicting season win totals for teams using an old geometry lesson, the Pythagorean Theorem.

Like our Guy in the Desert Brent says, CASHING TICKETS IS WHAT IT’S ALL ABOUT! Let the 2019 VSiN NFL Betting Guide help you to do just that. Best of luck this season and be sure to follow us for all your betting needs at, on all of our studio shows, and in Point Spread Weekly.

Steve Makinen @SteveMakinen


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*If you’d like to see more of this type of information every week, be sure to get on and subscribe to a year’s worth of the Point Spread Weekly. With everything you get, there’s never been a better time.

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