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Tennis makes headline for wrong reason

By Jeff Fogle  ( 

August 20, 2017 11:20 PM

A suspicious line move on an ATP Tour match Sunday in Winston-Salem, N.C., plus key stats from the weekend’s NFL exhibition action and special network news Monday in VSiN City. 

Tennis: Betting Twitter abuzz about Sunday’s Dolgopolov/Monteiro match after line flips from -270 one way to the other!

We haven’t talked about tennis much in VSiN City. But betting Twitter was abuzz Sunday after a suspicious line move and result in a Round of 64 match at the ATP event in Winston Salem. 

Alexandr Dolgopolov (world #71) of the Ukraine was a clear betting favorite over Thiago Monteiro (world #114) of Brazil until just a couple of hours before the match. Dolgopolov is the superior player, more comfortable on hardcourts, and was in good form after a solid week in Cincinnati.

From an early overseas line roughly equivalent to Dolgopolov -270, Monteiro plus 235 at a variety of sportsbooks that have respected tennis liquidity, a flood of money kept hitting the market in very strong fashion so that the line blew past pick-em. Some stores took it off the board. The Betfair exchange kept it up. Minutes before the match, Betfair had it at roughly -275 for Monteiro, plus 250 for Dolgopolov.

The Ukrainian then played a very sloppy match, losing in straight sets 6-3, 6-3. 

There was no publicly reported injury. And no obvious reason that money would hit Monteiro in such a negative handicapping scenario. For further details, please read this comprehensive Sunday blog post from tennis writer/blogger @sportdw by clicking here.

More on this story as it develops regarding any investigations from the Tennis Integrity Unit in these days leading up to the 2017 U.S. Open, which begins Aug. 28. 

NFLX: Highs and lows from a busy pro football weekend 

Back on Friday we crunched the numbers from Thursday night’s tripleheader. Let’s run through the rest of this past weekend’s action. Games are presented in Nevada Rotation order, beginning with last Friday’s solo in Seattle. 

Seattle (-3.5) 20, Minnesota 13

  • Total Yards: Minnesota 320, Seattle 406
  • Yards-per-Play: Minnesota 5.7, Seattle 6.0
  • Rushing Yards: Minnesota 71, Seattle 153
  • Passing Stats: Minnesota 25-38-1-249, Seattle 20-31-0-253

A more entertaining game to watch than the final score makes it seem. It was 14-6 at the half for the Seahawks because Seattle drove the field impressively for TD’s, while Minnesota drove for a couple of field goals. Great crowd. Intensity from both teams. 

QB Passing Lines

Minnesota: Bradford 7-11-0-95, Keenum 12-18-0-70, Heinicke 6-9-1-84

Seattle: Wilson 13-18-0-206, Boykin 5-8-0-55, Davis 2-5-0-21

Minnesota had an extra turnover, which made it tougher to get within the number despite relatively even yards-per-play. Both teams seem likely to play to projected regular season Power Ratings from the get-go given early exhibition form. 

Tennessee (-3.5) 34, Carolina 27

  • Total Yards: Carolina 386, Tennessee 360
  • Yards-per-Play: Carolina 7.0, Tennessee 5.1
  • Rushing Yards: Carolina 167, Tennessee 134
  • Passing Stats: Carolina 17-31-1-219, Tennessee 21-33-0-226

Misleading score, as Tennessee got a lot of cheap points off Carolina turnovers. The Titans had TD drives of 13, 17, and 3 yards! That said, part of Carolina’s yardage edge was due to playing from way behind most of the night. It was 24-10 Titans at the half off the cheapies.  

QB Passing Lines

Carolina: Anderson 7-12-1-88, Webb 5-6-0-67, Gilbert 5-13-0-74

Tennessee: Mariota 6-8-0-61, Cassel 8-13-0-88, Tanney 7-12-0-85

No Cam Newton again for the Panthers. He won’t be ready to go full speed in next week’s dress rehearsal even if he plays. Carolina hoping he’ll be set for the season opener. 

Kansas City (-2) 30, Cincinnati 12

  • Total Yards: Kansas City 410, Cincinnati 257
  • Yards-per-Play: Kansas City 6.4, Cincinnati 4.5
  • Rushing Yards: Kansas City 228, Cincinnati 72
  • Passing Stats: Kansas City 20-28-0-182, Cincinnati 17-34-1-185

Dominant performance from the visitors, justifying the big steam move their way through the week. Chiefs are another team likely to play to projected Power Ratings in Week One. Important since their visiting the Patriots!

QB Passing Lines

Kansas City: A. Smith 8-9-0-83, Mahomes 10-14-0-88, Bray 2-5-0-23

Cincinnati: Dalton 7-13-0-98, McCarron 8-15-1-93, Driskel 2-6-0-13

Pat Mahomes might have been the Mitchell Trubisky of NFLX Week Two if this game had been more of a TV showcase. Two TD passes for the rookie from Texas Tech. Though, no QB controversy here with Alex Smith still a reliable (if frustrating) hand. 

Dallas (-5) 24, Indianapolis 19

  • Total Yards: Indianapolis 265, Dallas 476
  • Yards-per-Play: Indianapolis 5.0, Dallas 6.7
  • Rushing Yards: Indianapolis 59, Dallas 160 
  • Passing Stats: Indianapolis 26-37-0-206, Dallas 25-38-0-316

Those dominating stats tell the game flow story much better than the misleading push on the final score. All 24 of the Cowboys points came on drives of more than 60 yards. Indianapolis needed a fumble return TD just to hang around the number. You really saw the difference of “extra week of preparation” facing “team biding its time” in those numbers. Didn’t show up on the scoreboard. Condolences if you suffered the chalk push. 

QB Passing Lines

Indianapolis: Tolzien 10-14-0-70, Morris 11-15-0-111, Walker 5-8-0-33

Dallas: Prescott 7-8-0-106, Moore 10-21-0-131, Rush 8-9-0-92

Dak Prescott looked very sharp for a guy who’d been on the sideline all summer. Kellen Moore continued to disappoint in terms of accuracy considering his head start. Cooper Rush impressed late…though Indy’s lethargic third-teamers might have made anyone look great that night. 

Detroit (-4) 16, NY Jets 6

  • Total Yards: NY Jets 241, Detroit 262
  • Yards-per-Play: NY Jets 4.3, Detroit 4.1
  • Rushing Yards: NY Jets 85, Detroit 82
  • Passing Stats: NY 17-30-1-156, Detroit 20-30-1-180

Another ugly Jets game. Detroit didn’t really impress, but still won by double digits to cover comfortably. Big story was in the quarterback stats…or, what ISN’T in the quarterback stats.

QB Passing Lines

NY Jets: Hackenberg 2-6-0-14, Petty 15-24-1-160

Detroit: Stafford 8-10-0-84, Rudock 8-13-1-84, Kaaya 4-7-0-38

Projected regular season starter Josh McCown didn’t play for the Jets. You got the sense that the franchise wanted to end any QB controversy by reminding everyone how bad the other options were. Hackenberg still looks like a 22-year old who’s not ready to play against men. He got the start, meaning he saw first team defenders. Horrible passing line plus two sacks. Not the end of the world to tank this year as he continues to apprentice. He was drafted way too young to have an immediate impact in this league. 

Green Bay (plus 3) 21, Washington 17

  • Total Yards: Green Bay 266, Washington 335
  • Yards-per-Play: Green Bay 4.0, Washington 4.9
  • Rushing Yards: Green Bay 110, Washington 64
  • Passing Stats: Green Bay 22-32-0-156, Washington 27-45-0-271

Green Bay managed to have three long TD drives while posting fairly ugly full game stats. Very sharp on those drives…but a bunch of punts otherwise. 

QB Passing Lines

Green Bay: Rodgers 6-8-0-37, Hundley 9-10-0-107, Hill 6-11-0-49, Callahan 1-3-0-0

Washington: Cousins 14-23-0-144, McCoy 7-11-0-70, Sudfeld 6-11-0-64

Feels like both teams got the production they wanted from the first and second teams, then called it a night. Worth remembering for the dress rehearsals next week. Some aggressive offensive first halves will be followed by quiet second halves in some instances. 

Houston (pick-em) 27, New England 23

  • Total Yards: New England 339, Houston 281
  • Yards-per-Play: New England 4.5, Houston 4.9
  • Rushing Yards: New England 112, Houston 82
  • Passing Stats: New England 26-42-1-227, Houston 16-27-0-199

Not as exciting as the score makes it seem. Houston won the game thanks to a 4-yard TD drive after a very poor Garappolo interception (though there were five scoreless possessions between the two teams after that). You can see the low yards-per-play numbers. Let’s check the quarterbacks. 

QB Passing Lines

New England: Brady 6-9-0-87, Garappolo 15-23-1-145, Brissett 5-10-0-36

Houston: Savage 8-9-0-98, Watson 3-10-0-102, Weeden 5-8-0-6 

Tom Savage likely won the starting QB gig here for the Texans. He was sharp, and his teammates seem to prefer his experience with the system anyway. Deshaun Watson fell way back from last week. That high yardage count is because of a short pass that busted loose. Very ugly to complete just 30% of your tosses in an exhibition game. If he gets playing time in September, his freelance ability will be dangerous. Tough to win only with that. How did Weeden complete five passes for just six yards?! 

Denver (plus 3.5) 33, San Francisco 14

  • Total Yards: Denver 315, San Francisco 243
  • Yards-per-Play: Denver 4.7, San Francisco 5.4
  • Rushing Yards: Denver 146, San Francisco 37
  • Passing Stats: Denver 24-31-0-169, San Francisco 16-25-1-206

Goofy game. San Francisco committed FIVE turnovers, which is the single worst implosion of the short preseason slate. None of Denver’s 33 points came on long drives. Half of San Francisco’s points came on a kickoff return TD. If you were only scoreboard watching, Denver wasn’t playing as well as the first half explosion made it seem. 

QB Passing Lines

Denver: Lynch 9-13-0-39, Siemian 8-11-0-93, Sloter 7-7-0-50 

San Francisco: Hoyer 8-11-1-89, Barkley 1-2-0-10, Beathard 7-12-0-110 

Paxton Lynch got the start for Denver. Twitter responded like he was getting a wedgie on every play. He did complete most of his dinks. But that’s just 3.0 yards-per-attempt, which is atrocious. He also got sacked once. Siemian appeared to win the job with a much sharper effort. Though, John Elway is stubborn enough to not admit that for another two weeks. Kyle Sloter out of Northern Colorado continues to take what’s being offered…which will earn him more looks down the road because a 6’4” 23-year old who plays without fear will be given shots to earn a job.  

LA Rams (plus 3) 24, Oakland 21

  • Total Yards: LA Rams 341, Oakland 267
  • Yards-per-Play: LA Rams 5.1, Oakland 5.0
  • Rushing Yards: LA Rams 59, Oakland 75
  • Passing Stats: LA Rams 31-42-0-282, Oakland 19-33-1-192

Oakland was similar to Green Bay in that they had three long TD drives while posting unimpressive overall stats. That’s a good sign for the regular season because Rodgers and Carr won’t take their feet off the gas if they are still in the game driving their vehicles! Rams are playing with spirit under their new coach, and are undefeated after a pair of field goal wins over the Cowboys and Raiders. 

QB Passing Lines

LA Rams: Goff 16-20-0-160, Mannion 15-22-0-132 

Oakland: Carr 7-9-1-100, Cook 9-15-0-83, Manuel 3-9-0-16 

Goff finally looked like a real quarterback, as Brent Musburger mentioned to Vinny Magliulo Sunday on “My Guys in the Desert.” A new coach may be just what the doctor ordered. Though we’ll need to see more in the dress rehearsal before getting too excited. 

Chicago (pick-em) 24, Arizona 23

  • Total Yards: Chicago 267, Arizona 292
  • Yards-per-Play: Chicago 4.4, Arizona 4.4
  • Rushing Yards: Chicago 102, Arizona 40
  • Passing Stats: Chicago 21-28-0-165, Arizona 28-45-1-252

Another game that wasn’t as offensively explosive as the final score made it seem. Chicago returned a missed field goal for a touchdown on the final play of the first half. That’s why the Bears' stat breakdown looks more like it should add up to 17 points. 

QB Passing Lines

Chicago: Glennon 13-18-1-89, Trubisky 6-8-0-60, Sanchez 2-2-0-23 

Arizona: Palmer 9-14-0-67, Stanton 2-6-0-17, Gabbert 14-25-1-174 

Trubisky didn’t electrify this week. But he didn’t hurt his cause either. Glennon threw another interception. Seems like a matter of time before Trubisky gets the nod. How much waiting do the Bears want to do? Some rookies are ready quickly…as Dak Prescott proved a year ago (not that anyone’s calling for a Bears playoff run just yet). 

Pittsburgh (plus 2) 17, Atlanta 13

  • Total Yards: Atlanta 318, Pittsburgh 189
  • Yards-per-Play: Atlanta 4.5, Pittsburgh 3.4
  • Rushing Yards: Atlanta 63, Pittsburgh 99
  • Passing Stats: Atlanta 22-44-2-255, Pittsburgh 15-28-2-90

Steelers faders are extremely frustrated two weeks into the exhibition slate. Pittsburgh has yet to post an impressive TD drive on offense…but has won by scores of 20-12 and 17-13 over NYG and Atlanta respectively. They were helped Sunday by a punt return TD. Neither team was particularly interested in letting good quarterbacks play today, as you’re about to see. 

QB Passing Lines

Atlanta: Ryan 4-6-0-67, Schaub 1-1-0-10, Simms 15-29-1-197, Torgersen 2-8-1-25 

Pittsburgh: Dobbs 10-19-1-170, Houston 5-9-1-24 

Dobbs is a work in progress at best. Atlanta’s biding its time until its “revenge tour” begins in a couple of weeks. 

New Orleans (plus 4) 13, LA Chargers 7

  • Total Yards: New Orleans 265, LA Chargers 158
  • Yards-per-Play: New Orleans 4.2, LA Chargers 2.3
  • Rushing Yards: New Orleans 157, LA Chargers 66
  • Passing Stats: New Orleans 13-27-1-108, LA Chargers 17-32-1-92

Neither Drew Brees nor Philip Rivers played. Very ugly game outside of the Saints running backs and an interception return TD for the Chargers (their only score). The Chargers sure aren’t worrying much about putting on a show for their new home city! They got crushed by Seattle last week, and looked even worse on offense this week. Down 61-24 on the scoreboard, 6-2 in turnovers, getting outgained by more than 100 yards twice in a row on home turf. 

QB Passing Lines

New Orleans: Daniel 7-12-0-80, Nassib 6-15-1-55 

LA Chargers: Clemens 10-17-0-99, Jones 7-15-1-61 

Saints another team with a proven QB star just biding their time until September. The only guy getting much work in the NFC South is Jameis Winston of Tampa Bay.

With so much NFL in the Monday edition, we’ll push the CFL recap to Tuesday. Game summaries will join English Premier League soccer and baseball (plus key stats from “Monday Night Football” featuring the Giants and Browns). Every day’s a busy day and it’s only going to get busier! 

Some quick in-house notes:

  • Congratulations to Ronald Dinges of Indiana, the winner of our free subscriber drawing for the Westgate SuperContest! And thanks to everyone at the Westgate for being such great hosts during our three-day visit. 
  • If you missed the news from late last week, daily VSiN programming will start at 7 a.m. ET, beginning on Monday August 28 (a week from today!). Mitch and Pauly will be up before it’s even bright and early for that morning show…as “Follow the Money” will anchor East Coast morning drive time on SiriusXM Channel 204 to bring sports betting information to a whole new audience. Additional programming news will be announced later this week.
  • Ron Flatter continues his stellar coverage of the summer horse racing season with the latest on Arrogate. Click here if you missed Sunday’s article

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