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Take your pick on more than 300 prop bets

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The South Point's prop bets don't come close to fitting on its board.

By Matt Youmans

VSiN Senior Editor

If the Super Bowl unfolds as most anticipate, Tom Brady and Matt Ryan will trade shots in a high-scoring shootout. Oddsmakers are expecting the betting public to follow that general script.


Brady and the New England Patriots are 3-point favorites over Ryan and the Atlanta Falcons on Sunday, and the total of 59 is the highest in Super Bowl history. But there are hundreds of other ways to wager on the game.


When posting around 300 propositions, South Point sports book director Chris Andrews prepared for two different types of action. The public prefers to bet on big plays and scoring, while professional bettors hunt for value in numbers perceived to be inflated.


“When you get a game like this with a high total, your first inclination is ‘over’ on almost everything,” Andrews said. “When you open, you always get a flurry of action, and it’s always the sharpest bettors. I hope the public comes in against the wiseguys, and often that’s the case.”


The prop totals for Brady’s pass completions (24½) and passing yards (302½) are lower than Ryan’s props for completions (25½) and yards (323½). But if the underdog Falcons are trailing, Ryan will be throwing more frequently.


Brady is a minus-115 favorite to pass for a touchdown before Ryan. Brady is also the minus-110 favorite to be the game’s Most Valuable Player, with Ryan the second choice at 7-5 odds.


“The props get more popular every year,” Andrews said.


The simplest props often attract the most action. That will be evident when the opening coin toss - minus-102 for heads and tails - is decided and a roar is heard in Las Vegas sports books.


Will the game go into overtime? “No” is the minus-750 favorite, with “Yes” paying plus-525. The “Yes” side will draw more tickets although none of the previous 50 Super Bowls went to OT.


Who wants to bet on a safety or a successful 2-point conversion? How about a punt being downed inside the 5-yard line?


The South Point’s opening lines for some of the most popular props:

  • Will there be a safety? (Yes 500; No -700)
  • Will the game go into overtime? (Yes 525; No -750)
  • Will there be a successful 2-point conversion? (Yes 200; No -240)
  • What will the opening coin toss be? (Heads/tails -102)
  • Which team will win the opening coin toss? (Patriots/Falcons -102)
  • Team to score first in the game: (Patriots -115; Falcons -105)
  • First score of the game will be: (Touchdown -165; Any other score 145)
  • Will there be a defensive or special teams touchdown? (Yes 175; No -200)
  • Will there be points scored in the last two minutes of the first half? (Yes -340; No 280)
  • Shortest touchdown in the game: 1½ yards (Over 110; Under -130)
  • Longest touchdown in the game: 55½ yards (Over/Under -110)
  • First touchdown scored in the game: (Passing TD -190; Any other 170)
  • Will the Patriots score a touchdown in the first quarter? (Yes -155; No 135)
  • Will the Falcons score a touchdown in the fourth quarter? (Yes -180; No 160)
  • Will the game be decided by exactly 3 points? (Yes 425; No -550)
  • Will the team that scores first win the game? (Yes -175; No 155)
  • Will at least one quarter be scoreless? (Yes 425; No -550)
  • What will the Patriots do first? (Score -130; Punt 110)
  • Will the Falcons score in every quarter? (Yes 220; No -260)
  • Will there be a roughing-the-passer penalty called in the game? (Yes -140; No 120)
  • Team to make the longest field goal: (Patriots -130; Falcons 110)
  • Team to commit the first turnover: (Patriots 110; Falcons -130)
  • Will a punt be downed inside the 5-yard line? (Yes 260; No -320)
  • Will there be a lead change in the last 2 minutes of the game? (Yes 450; No -600)
  • Team to score 10 points first in the game: (Patriots -115; Falcons -105)
  • Will both teams have a lead in the first half? (Yes 120; No -140)
  • Will the team that scores last win the game? (Yes -165; No 145)
  • Will either team make a field goal in the first quarter? (Yes -125; No 105)
  • Will there be a missed extra-point kick in the game? (Yes 330; No -400)
  • Tom Brady’s first pass will be: (Complete -240; Incomplete 200)
  • Matt Ryan’s first pass will be: (Complete -190; Incomplete 170)
  • Will Brady throw an interception? (Yes 170; No -190)
  • Will Ryan throw an interception? (Yes 140; No -160)
  • Who will throw a touchdown pass first? (Brady -115; Ryan -105)
  • Total quarterback sacks in the game: 4 (Over 110; Under -130)
  • Total number of players to have a pass attempt in the game: 2½ (Over 140; Under -160)
  • Total punts in the game: 9½ (Over/Under -110)
  • Total completions by Brady: 24½ (Over/Under -110)
  • Total completions by Ryan: 25½ (Over/Under -110)
  • Total net yards by both teams in the game: 779½ (Over/Under -110)
  • Total passing yards by Brady: 302½ (Over/Under -110)
  • Total passing yards by Ryan: 323½ (Over/Under -110)
  • Total pass attempts by Brady: 35½ (Over/Under -110)
  • Total pass attempts by Ryan: 37½ (Over/Under -110)
  • Longest completion by Brady: 41½ yards (Over/Under -110)
  • Longest completion by Ryan: 44½ yards (Over/Under -110)
  • Touchdown passes by Brady: 2½ (Over 110; Under -130)
  • Touchdown passes by Ryan: 2½ (Over 100; Under -120)
  • What will Brady throw first? (Touchdown pass -320; Interception 260)
  • What will Ryan throw first? (Touchdown pass -250; Interception 210)
  • Longest made field goal in the game: 46½ yards (Over/Under -110)
  • Shortest made field goal in the game: 27½ yards (Over/Under -110)
  • Total made field goals in the game by both teams: 3½ (Over 120; Under -140)
  • Total touchdowns in the game by both teams: 7 (Over 130; Under -150)
  • Largest lead in the game by either team: 14½ points (Over -160; Under 140)
  • Will Patriots running back LeGarrette Blount score a touchdown? (Yes -175; No 155)
  • Will Falcons wide receiver Julio Jones score a touchdown? (Yes -120; No 100)
  • Total rushing yards by Blount: 61½ (Over/Under -110)
  • Total rushing attempts by Blount: 14½ (Over/Under -110)
  • Total receiving yards by Jones: 99½ (Over/Under -110)
  • Total receptions by Jones: 7 (Over/Under -110)

Check out the complete list of South Point's prop bets here.


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