SuperContest co-leaders at 70% split $15K

October 30, 2017 10:44 PM

LAS VEGAS–PHD Sports and Grand Dragon are tied for first place with records of 28-12 (70%) in the famed Westgate Las Vegas SuperContest and will split the $15,000 eight-week leader bonus, but the big news is that PHD Sports is cashing for the second time as he was co-leader after Week 4 as well.

This is the first year that the SuperContest has offered early-season bonuses and PHD Sports will be making a return trip to the Westgate as he/she/they (we haven’t yet interviewed the person or team behind the PHD Sports alias, though the Westgate’s Jay Kornegay is working on trying to arrange that) have big the biggest beneficiaries of the new policy.

Complete Classic standings

After four weeks, PHD Sports and Schematic Advantage were both 17-3 (85%) and won $7,500 apiece. PHD Sports went 2-3 in Week 5 to drop out of the lead, but then went 4-1 in Week 6 and it only took a 2-3 in the bloodbath that was Week 7 (when the Top 5 Consensus went 0-5 and overall consensus of all games went 1-13-1) to move into an eight-way tie for first place heading into this week.

PHD Sports was the only one of that group to go 3-2 and looked like he/she/they might get to win the $15,000 all to themselves; however, Grand Dragon, which entered the week at 23-12 and tied for 25th place, was 4-0 on Sunday and still had a play on the Chiefs -7 in the Monday Night Football game against the Broncos.

The Chiefs’ 29-19 victory gave Grand Dragon the coveted 5-0 week, improved the overall record to 28-12 and a tie with PHD Sports as they win $7,500 apiece.

So PHD Sports has already won $15,000 and I’m curious to find out if they also bet the Chiefs -7 since they had $7,500 in equity (or, ironically, the Chiefs -6.5 in Week 4 when Schematic Advantage needed that play to catch PHD Sports and got there on the miracle lateral-fumble-TD for the Chiefs).

The Top 5 Consensus went 2-3 in Week 8 and stands at 14-26 (35%).

In the $5,000 Gold contest (which doesn’t have any bonus, just a winner-take-all format), BKSF continues to hold the lead, but went 1-4 in Week 8 to stand at 27-13 (67.5%). BKSF still holds a two-point lead over John_Merlyn at 24-14-2 (worth 25 points as SuperContestants receive 1 point per win and half a point per push), with Bert Emanuel Rule another half-point back at 24-15-1. The Gold Top 5 also went 2-3 in Week 8 and is slightly better at 17-22-1 (43.6%) on the year.

Complete Gold standings



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