SuperContest Classic & Gold leaderboards getting crowded; Top 5 Consensus plays stay hot

Dave Tuley senior reporter

December 4, 2017 11:28 PM

LAS VEGAS – Grannys Boy, who moved into sole possession of first place in the SuperContest last week, went 4-1 in Week 13 to hold onto the lead though he missed a chance for a bigger lead as he lost his final play on Steelers -5 in their 23-20 win over the Bengals on Monday Night Football.

Grannys Boy started Week 13 with the Cowboys as 1.5-point underdogs in the Thursday night game and then continued his winning ways on Sunday with the Titans -6.5, Jaguars -9.5 and Rams -7. After the Steeler loss, his record is now 44-18-3 (71%) for 45.5 SuperContest points (note: SC players earn 1 point per win and half a point per push) to hold a half-point lead over former leader BioSoft Global. For the uninitiated, the famed SuperContest (commonly getting to be known as SuperContest Classic with the introduction this year of SuperContest Gold) costs $1,500 to enter and drew a record field of 2,748 this year with each entrant making five NFL plays a week against the spread. The season-long champion will win $1,327,284 and the SuperContest pays the top 50.

The Steelers' non-cover also helped BioSoft Global hold onto sole possession of second place as The Ville fell short of a 5-0 week by using the Steelers and stays in third place with 44 points. The official updated standings will be announced at 3 p.m. ET/noon PT Tuesday while the complete standings will be on our dedicated page at

In the $5,000 buy-in SuperContest Gold (which has a winner-take-prize of $470,000), BrettFavre444 went 3-2 in Week 13 to hold onto first place at 39-25-1 (60.9%) for 39.5 points and is one point ahead of Stag Capital and Benson. Michael Peffercorn had a chance to move past those into second place with the Steelers -5, but remains in fourth place with 39 points.

The Top 5 Consensus continued its resurgence in both contests as the five most selected teams went 5-0 in the Classic and 4-1 in the Gold. The Packers plus-1.5, Seahawks plus-5 and Saint -4 were the top three picks in both contests. The Classic also won with the Vikings plus-3 and the Patriots -8.5 while the Gold split with the Ravens -2.5 winning but the Bills plus-8.5 losing (note: the Bills were actually the seventh-most picked team in the Gold, but we used it in spot No. 5 because the No. 5 and 6 teams were the Falcons and Vikings who were playing each other and were picked by the same number of contestants.

The Top 5 in the Classic is now 30-35 (46.2%) on the season, which is still a losing record, but it’s relevant as we were hearing a lot of people claiming earlier that they were fading the SuperContest Top 5. Now, I’ve written several times that I had my doubts that those people were actually betting against the consensus plays (thought it was certainly trendy to say so at the time); it’s more likely that they were thinking about it and probably by the time they jumped in they got run over as the Top 5 in the Classic is 12-3 the last three weeks or 3-12 for those fading the top picks. The Gold (which draws much less ire as it appears the entrants are sharper overall) Top 5 are actually 14-2 (87.5%) the last three weeks, which includes last week when the No. 5 and 6 picks were taken by the same number of contestants and we counted both.

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