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Steelers come through as top pick in SuperContest

Dave Tuley senior reporter

October 16, 2017 01:03 AM

LAS VEGAS – Underdogs dominated NFL betting in Week 6 as they went 10-3 ATS on Sunday, but results in the SuperContest (and SuperContest Gold) were mostly split.

Entering the Sunday night game, the SuperContest Top 5 Consensus was 2-2 as was the SC Gold Top 5 Consensus. The difference being that the final remaining play in the SuperContest Classic was Broncos -11.5 while the final Gold selection was Giants plus-11.5. The Giants won outright, 23-10, so the SuperContest Top 5 went 2-3 while the Gold Top 5 went 3-2. For the year, the SuperContest Top 5 is 12-18 (40%) while the Gold Top 5 is back to .500 at 15-15.

The Steelers were the No. 1 choice in both contest this week and came through for backers with their 19-13 win over the Chiefs. The other SuperContest Top 5 winner was the Rams while the Packers and Lions let down backers before the Broncos. The Gold’s other winner besides the Steelers and Giants was the Cardinals while the losses were on the Browns and Lions.

In the individual races, a contestant going by the alias Tunnel Vision is the new leader in the SuperContest Classic as they went 5-0 in Week 6 and are at 24-6 (80%).

BKSF continues to lead the $5,000 winner-take-all Gold contest after going 4-1 in Week 6 and improving to 24-6 (80%). Better Odds and Benson as 3.5 points back at 20-9-1.

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