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Star Yankees closer Aroldis Chapman tests positive for coronavirus

By Jeff Fogle  ( 

After a quiet few days in MLB covid news, it was announced that star closer Aroldis Chapman had tested positive for the coronavirus, and would be out of action for “the foreseeable future.”

Chapman is reportedly suffering minor symptoms from the contagion, making it impossible to create a timetable for return. He has to recover first, then pass MLB protocols before being allowed to play. 

Another reminder for gamblers that betting futures or “Regular Season Win Totals” can be dicey this summer. Roster uncertainty will continue in the build-up to the season. Sharps are still suggesting value bets on long shots with a chance to sneak through an “anything can happen” environment rather than bets on projected powers. 

Other Baseball Notes

*Kansas City Royals’ catcher Cam Gallagher has also tested positive. He didn’t learn of his test result until after playing in a simulated game. Dangerous because of a catcher’s proximity to many other players through the course of a game. Gallagher says he’s asymptomatic. Worth remembering that there is a chance this was a “false positive,” which some believe was the case recently with NASCAR driver Jimmie Johnson

*The Houston Astros canceled Saturday’s practice after learning a staff member may have been exposed to a person that had contracted the virus. That could be a continuing problem in states with deep saturation. Houston sits in Harris Country, which reported a high new case count of 1,939 Saturday to That after reporting 1,081 Friday.  

*Fans in Japan returned to games this weekend to watch NPB action. And, you can click here to see a boisterous crowd reacting during a Saturday baseball game in Taiwan’s CPBL. That video clip shows it’s so safe in Taiwan now, cheering fans aren’t even wearing masks. 


Here are early odds for all three Sunday matchups. Note that the first game is an early kickoff. 

Toronto vs. DC United (9 a.m., ESPN2)

Three-way: Toronto -132, DC United plus 336, draw plus 294

Goal Line: Toronto -0.75 goals (-105), DC United plus 0.75 goals (-116)

Over/Under: 2.75 goals (Over -120, Under -101) 

Kansas City vs. Minnesota (8 p.m., ESPN)

Three-way: Kansas City plus 147, Minnesota plus 170, draw plus 265

Goal Line: Kanas City pick-em (-122), Minnesota pick-em (-102)

Over/Under: 3 goals (Over -106, Under -115) 

Real Salt Lake vs. Colorado (10:30 p.m., ESPN)

Three-way: RSW plus 126, Colorado plus 186, draw plus 287

Goal Line: RSW -0.25 goals (-103), Colorado plus 0.25 goals (-119)

Over/Under: 2.5 goals (Over -122, Under plus 100) 

No new reports of positive tests from soccer players in the Orlando bubble. Good news considering that’s still a hot spot. Orlando sits in Orange County. Counts of new cases the last four days are 426, 401, 553, and 482. You probably know that Disney World re-opened to the public for the first time Saturday.


Yesterday, we outlined the schedule for the upcoming restart for the NHL. Sixteen teams have been paired in best-of-five “qualifying rounds” to see who will join eight auto-qualifiers in the Round of 16 (Boston, Tampa Bay, Washington, Philadelphia in the East; St. Louis, Colorado, Vegas, Dallas in the West). Today, let’s take our first look at series prices in those qualifiers. 

Eastern Conference Odds to Advance (Circa Sports)

#5 Pittsburgh -215, #12 Montreal plus 185

#8 Toronto -165, #9 Columbus plus 145

#6 Carolina -140, #11 NY Rangers plus 120

#7 NY Islanders -110, #10 Florida -110

Toronto looks to be getting some consideration for hometown edge, as that city hosts all Eastern Conference games. 

Western Conference Odds to Advance (Circa Sports)

#5 Edmonton -160, #12 Chicago plus 140

#6 Nashville -130, #11 Phoenix plus 110

#7 Vancouver -130, #10 Minnesota plus 110

#8 Calgary -120, #9 Winnipeg even

Edmonton will also enjoy hometown advantage in any series, as all Western Conference action will be played in that city. 

Odds to win the Stanley Cup (all plus-odds, Circa Sports)

Favorites: Boston (595), Vegas (745), Colorado (745), Tampa Bay (785), Philadelphia (995)

Threats: St. Louis (1200), Washington (1200), Pittsburgh (1375), Toronto (1500), Dallas (1600)

Dark Horses: Nashville (3500), Vancouver (3500), Edmonton (3500), Arizona (4000), Carolina (4500), Calgary (4500), Winnipeg (5000) 

Long shots: NY Islanders (8000), Florida (8000), Minnesota (8000), Chicago (8000), Columbus (10500), NY Rangers (10500), Montreal (10500)

VSiN likes to remind recreational bettors that superior returns typically come from “rollover parlays” where you back a team to win its first series…then roll over your accumulated stake round by round. That will be particularly true with any teams seeded 5-12, ones that would have to win FIVE series to lift the Stanley Cup. The eight teams with byes into the Round of 16 only have to win four rounds. 

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