Stag Capital takes SuperContest Gold lead on Eagles' miracle cover; Grannys Boy leads Classic by 2.5 points

Dave Tuley senior reporter

December 26, 2017 06:23 AM

LAS VEGAS – The lead of the winner-take-all SuperContest Gold was up for grabs heading into the Eagles-Raiders game on Monday Night Football.

Ninety-four players put up $5,000 in the inaugural contest at the Westgate SuperBook’s high-end version of its famous SuperContest (now commonly called SuperContest Classic) and make 5 plays a week against the contest spread with 1 point for a win and half a point per push. The entrants using the aliases of Stag Capital and BrettFavre44 were half a point behind Midwest Square and BKSF with Stag Capital on the Eagles -8.5 and Brett Favre44 on the Raiders plus-8.5.

It look like BrettFavre44 was going to take the lead heading into the final week of play as the Eagles were never covering the spread and only took a 13-10 lead with 22 seconds to play. But then the Raiders attempting the all-too-common desperation-lateral play that resulted in Derek Barnett running it in for a Philadelphia touchdown for a 19-10 win that covered against the contest spread.

So, Stag Capital regained the SuperContest Gold lead with 48 points – based on his record of 47-31-2 (60.3%) – heading into Week 17 with Midwest Square and BKSF tied for second at 47.5 points and BrettFavre444 in fourth place at 47. The champion will probably come from that quartet as there’s a 2-point gap to fifth place.

In SuperContest Classic, Grannys Boy is threatening to take all the drama out of the race for the $1.3 million first-place prize.

Grannys Boy has a 2.5-point lead going into Week 17 after going 5-0 in Week 16 to stand at 55-20-5 (73.3%) after winning with the Titans, Buccaneers, Saints, Chiefs and 49ers. In fact, there’s a chance that with common picks against those chasing him that he could possibly clinch before any Week 17 games are played. That would be first time for anyone to do that in the SuperContest since 2014 when CH Ballers set the SC record at 64-20-1 (76.19%) and was able to celebrate after the final weekend’s selections were announced following the 11 a.m. PT Saturday submission deadline.

Of course, if one of the handful of contenders with a mathematical shot to catch Grannys Boy are able to land opposite of him on a few games or just pull off a 5-0 or 4-1 week while Grannys Boy has a terrible week, we could still have a fantastic finish. Regardless, we’ll follow all the action here at VSiN.

HowDoIPlay XX also went 5-0 in Week 16 to stand in second place with 55 points on a record of 53-23-4 (69.7%). Former leader BioSoft Global was another beneficiary of the Eagles’ miracle cover on Monday night as he moved into third place with 54.5 points with another former leader Schematic Advantage in fourth place with 54 points. The only other contestant with a mathematical chance to win the title is Grand Dragon at 53 points.

The SuperContest drew a record 2,748 entrants this year at $1,500 apiece and pays the Top 50 finishers.

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