Split ticket: 1 bet on NFL, 1 on MLB


Surely some of you have these types of people in your life: “You bet on the NFL preseason?” Those who judge you for betting on the NFL exhibition slate are just evidence that you need to keep better company, not alter your betting habits. The preseason is a great time to make money. Proof is that the books’ limits typically are extremely low, as opposed to regular-season games, where they will let you bet as much as you please. As bettors, we can actually hold some advantages in the preseason because information is so valuable and is as accessible to us as it is to the books. And since books hang very low limits, they often don’t dedicate the time or effort to making the numbers as airtight as possible. Who is going to play their starters or second string more? Which coach is really emphasizing winning the game? These are things we can learn from reading coaches’ comments and listening to news conferences for clues. The information is out there, and it’s up to us to obtain it and use it to win.

Much like bowl games, especially the lesser ones, there is value in grabbing shorter numbers when playing the underdog, and it’s a better idea to play the moneyline when betting a favorite. Why? Teams don’t want to play overtime. They don’t really like playing four quarters, much less a fifth. So, for example, when a team scores when down a touchdown, it will often go for two instead of kicking the extra point to tie it. Many games land on 1, so grabbing 1.5 and 2 are more valuable than in the regular season, while laying 1.5 and 2 is more dangerous as well. The preseason is now mere hours away, so let’s find some winners …

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