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Searching NHL for this season's Blues

By Jeff Fogle  ( 

Whatever the sport, an All-Star break is the ideal time to take stock of the first stage of the season and think about how you might invest in team stocks in the second stage.

Let’s take a look at NHL highlights and lowlights so far:

— Best vs. money line: Washington + 9.35 units, New York Islanders + 7.0, Colorado + 6.05, Pittsburgh + 5.96, New York Rangers + 5.67.


— Worst vs. money line: Detroit -19.92 units, Vegas -10.10, Los Angeles -9.16, San Jose -8.95, Toronto -8.29.


— Best vs. puck line: Colorado + 9.01 units, New York Rangers + 6.80, Vancouver + 6.08, Chicago + 3.85, Washington + 3.72.


— Worst vs. puck line: Detroit -17.28 units, Calgary -16.28, New Jersey -11.98, Nashville -10.52, Tampa Bay -7.13.


The nature of pro hockey makes it very difficult to ride any team to huge profits. Parity creates a lot of coin-flip endings. Quality teams are much more likely to be overpriced than underpriced. And teams are more motivated to reach the playoffs than they are to crush regular-season opponents.


But it is possible for surprise teams to catch fire after the break. Last season, eventual champion St. Louis was just 22-22-5 before the break, then went 23-6-4 down the stretch. Who will be this season’s Blues?

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