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Recent trends can help you navigate bracket


I absolutely love to break down historical data and look for edges that can be used in upcoming action. It is a particularly fitting exercise for certain groups of games in which the stakes stay the same year after year. The NCAA tournament is one of these groups of games. Even with this year’s tournament format changing dramatically, both in the days the games are being played and the locales, the motivation to win and what it takes to win will stay consistent.

Each March, college basketball wagering interest hits its peak. Especially after missing out on a tournament last year due to COVID-19, I believe it will be bigger than ever this year. With a lot of public money on the line, sharper bettors should be looking for any advantage they can find. Looking more closely at the trends and systems that have formed in recent NCAA tournament action is one way you can do that. 

I try to caution that trends and systems can turn at any time. But in many cases they can also be the foundation for successful wagering, especially if they form off bettors’ misconceptions or result from physical mismatches that only the oddsmaking experts understand. As you analyze this material, gauge carefully whether you find enough of a foundation to the information to make it worthy of betting.

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