Rams still edge Pats on market-based Power Ratings

October 27, 2018 03:35 PM

With so many storylines in play on a busy NFL Sunday, this seemed like the perfect time to get caught up with VSiN’s estimate of “market” Power Ratings across the league. 

These aren’t computer rankings, or how one particular person is assessing the league. Jonathan Von Tobel and I use late-week point spreads to build a point scale that tries to capture how the composite sum of market influences is assessing all 32 teams.

We allot a standard 3 points for home-field advantage (except for the games played in other countries, which are neutral). Then we try to deduce where each game “couplet” should go on our scale. Sunday’s Philadelphia-Jacksonville game in London provides an easy example. No home field there. The Eagles were -3 late in the week. We make sure those teams are 3 points apart. Given recent disappointments for both teams, they’ve fallen from earlier highs. 

VSiN’s Estimated “Market” Power Ratings

88: LA Rams 

87: New England 

86: Kansas City 

85: New Orleans 

84: Baltimore, Pittsburgh 

83: LA Chargers 

82: Philadelphia, Minnesota, Green Bay, Chicago

81: Cincinnati 

80: Houston, Washington 

79: Jacksonville, Indy, Denver, Dallas, Detroit, Carolina, Atlanta, Tampa Bay, Seattle

78: Tennessee, Cleveland 

77: NY Jets, NY Giants

75: Miami (with Osweiler), San Francisco

73: Oakland

72: Arizona

70: Buffalo (with Anderson)

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