Premium NBA and NCAAB Picks with Money-Back Guarantee from SBIA

By SBIA  (Sports Betting Innovative Analytics) 



SBIA Sports Betting Innovative Analytics is a data-driven, premium NBA & NCAAB pick service that is designed to maximize units returned. 

We are a team of Masters & PhD level mathematicians, data scientists, & betting professionals who have developed predictive NBA & NCAAB models that will help you become a winning sports bettor for the long term. 


We are a fresh face in the industry tailored for the serious sports bettor.  


Professional Package: 

  • Full access to all of our picks
  • ALL markets: First Half, Full Game, Moneyline, Spread, Totals, and Team Totals
  • Customizable Account Portal to view your picks, units returned, & track your ROI
  • Instant Email/SMS pick delivery notifications
  • Picks delivered at approximately 8am EST & 5:30pm EST for optimal PEV (positive expected value)

    Eligible for The SBIA Money-Back Guarantee: If we do not net the required number of units, you will receive a FULL refund on your package fee

Moneyline Package:

  • 1Q + 1H Moneyline Package 
  • Full Game Moneyline Package 
  • Complete Moneyline Package 
  • 30 Days (1-month) of our NBA Moneyline picks
  • All picks delivered at approximately 5:30pm EST
  • If we do not net positive units over the 30-day period, your package fee will be refunded

Starter Package:

  • NBA Package: 30 picks over 7 days ($8/pick)
  • NCAAB Package: 30 picks over 7 days ($8/pick)
  • NBA & NCAAB Package: 60 picks over 7 days ($6/pick)
  • Full Game Markets ONLY
  • Account Portal to view your picks
  • Instant Email/SMS pick delivery notifications
  • NBA picks delivered at approximately 5:30pm EST
  • NCAAB picks delivered at approximately 5:30pm EST M-F, approximately 11am EST Sat-Sun
  • If our results do not net a positive return over the 7-day period, your next Starter Package is FREE

 Enjoy 20% off ANY package on our website by using discount code: MONEY


Our models maximize unit return by utilizing optimal application of proprietary metrics, positive expected value, volume, & providing picks when the line is stable. Delivering premium picks in the industry with precision, integrity & excellence is our top priority. 

Through years of extensive testing & more than 20,000 hours of model development, our system averages over 150 units returned per season. 


Over the last 5 years of extensive testing, our NBA & NCAAB models have returned the following units per season:


Click here to view our NBA or NCAAB historical results on our website.


We are so confident in our system that we offer a Money-Back Guarantee. 

Each Professional Package comes with a specific number of units our system has to generate. If our system doesn’t generate positive units, we will refund your package fee. See below.



We will be introducing our WNBA Package in 2023. Check out our WNBA backtesting results.


Some key features that we offer:

Full Transparency: We post every result of our picks win, lose, or push on our website & social media pages. We want you to see our W/L record, our units returned, & the picks we are making every gameday. View our NBA & NCAAB results pages to see more. 

Post-Tip Picks: A testament to our full transparency. We post all of our picks shortly after the game has started on our website & social media. These are the same picks we deliver to our clients that have a Professional Package. We want you to see the truth of our product without any skepticism. Before you join, just watch. Let us earn your trust as we show you what SBIA can do for you. 

Money-Back Guarantee: All of our Professional Packages come with a Money-Back Guarantee if our results don’t generate positive units. 

ROI Tracker: Each client will have an ROI Tracker in their account portal, showing their ROI, units returned, & W/L record since their start of service. 

Schedule a Call: Schedule a call with an SBIA specialist to learn more.

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