On sale now: College football betting guide

By Steve Makinen  (Point Spread Weekly editor) 

July 31, 2018 12:02 AM

The 2018 VSiN College Football Betting Guide is not like other annuals you may see on your local magazine stand or advertised on the internet.

Our preseason guide focuses on betting football -- nothing more, nothing less. No mainstream views and no fantasy advice.

We break down all 130 FBS teams with betting analysis that you will want to keep handy for the entire college campaign. 

VSiN’s experts offer a forecast for every team, specifically addressing the season win totals posted in Las Vegas for the 2018 campaign. 

Our Guys in the Desert answer some simple questions: Will the team go Over or Under? And Why?

We believe this 140-plus-page publication will be THE Ultimate College Football Betting Resource. It’s just $14.99 -- though you may want to consider an all-access package. Check vsin.com/subscribe for the subscription package that makes the most sense for you.

One key goal for the guide: Spot teams that will be better or worse than last year. That is a crucial piece to handicapping college football, especially early in the season.

We support this effort in a few different ways:

Our experts have examined every team’s schedule, strengths, weaknesses, and have offered up analysis on whether teams will exceed their posted win totals.

Plus I break down a number of key variables that have historically led to teams declining or improving from one season to the next. You will find that there are a number of teams that consistently find themselves on the lists, meaning they could wind up being great teams to fade or follow this fall.

Here are some of the other valuable pages in the guide:

  • Head-to-Head Schedule Angles – We received a lot of positive feedback from the top head-to-head trends we’ve shown in PSW over the last year, so we’ve decided to expand that, listing numerous angles of this type on every team’s schedule. 
  • Top Trends to Utilize – Specific angles that could affect teams’ games this season.
  • Game Logs, Point-Spread Records, 4-Year Effective Stats and other advanced statistics

As you can see, every bit of information in this magazine is dedicated to HANDICAPPING football.

VSiN’s College Football Betting Guide is $14.99 and available for purchase here.

And if you like this guide, Part 2 of our preseason previews will be coming in August when we publish our Pro Football Betting Guide.

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