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NFL Week 17 Action Report from South Point in Las Vegas

By Chris Andrews  (South Point sportsbook director) 

Notes from behind the book as of Saturday night

We opened the Eagles -1. When Haskins was cut, the assumption was Alex Smith had to be OK. We switched favorites and the number climbed on Washington all week. Today it was confirmed Smith would start and it rose a little more from -3 to -4.

Colts opened -14 over Jags, hasn't moved. 

Packers opened -6 over Bears. Money came in on Bears, we went to -5.5. Bachtari out, dropped to -5. More Bear money took it to -4. Packer money from public, but sharp money on Bears.

Opened Cowboys -3, wiseguys took NYG + 3. Other sharp money bet Cows -2.5. Back to -3, more NYG money. No resistance this time. Now at Cows -1.5 getting some Cowboys money. As of now, wiseguys taking + 3 or pass.

Opened Browns -6.5 assuming Steelers would rest many starters. Tomlin confirmed it, announcing Rudolph would start. (Who did they think was going to start?) Browns went as high as -10. Some buy back on PGH. Now at Browns -9.

Titans opened -7.5. Some sharp money on Texans. Now at 7. 

Saints opened -6.5. Wiseguys took Panthers, we went to -6. Now Kamara and other RBs out for NO. We went to -5, money came back on Saints. Now at Saints -6.

Opened Pats -3 over NYJ. Haven't moved. No one cares.

Opened Vikings -7. Went to -6.5 with a little action on Lions. Stafford announced starter, went to -4.5 and then -4.

Opened Buccs -6.5 over Atl. Public & wiseguys on TB. Now up to -7 with heavy action.

Opened Ravens -12 over Cincy. Raven money trickled in. Went to -12.5, then -13. Lots of covid issues on Cincy. Up to Ravens -14. Sharps took early + 14. Now its everywhere.


Bills/Mia. All over the place on this one. Bills as low as -1.5 and as high as -4.5. I can't even remember what happened when. Lots of moves depending on the latest info. Be careful. What we think now might change by tomorrow. Currently Bills -2.

Opened Chargers -3.5. Henne starting for KC. Now up to LAC -4.5

Opened Sea -5 over SF. Steady attack on favorite from sharps and public. Now Sea -6.5

Opened Raiders -2.5 over Broncos. No interest, no action.

Opened Cards -3 over Rams. No Goff for LAR, Murray not 100% for Ariz. Went to -3.5, then sharp money for LAR+ 3.5 and + 3. Loving Wolford? I guess. Now at Arizona -2.5

Just a word of warning. Lots of things change in week 17. Coaches don't always tell the truth and could change their mind mid-game. My opinion is 'needs the game' is the most overrated thing in handicapping. Be careful. My Public Service Announcement.

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