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Today bettors have a loaded Friday slate to choose from, including 9 NBA games, 3 NHL games and 12 College Basketball games. For an updated breakdown of Friday's betting action, be sure to tune in to the VSiN Market Insights Podcast with Josh Appelbaum. It will be posted by 2:30 p.m. ET.

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In the meantime, yesterday another NFL head coach was let go, David Culley of the Texans. There are now eight coaching vacancies that need to be filled this offseason. Right on cue, oddsmakers have released "next coach odds" for several teams. As bettors, this opens up a new prop market that we can use to supplement and build our bankroll.

Let's dive into the numbers, courtesy of BetMGM. 


Chicago Bears

The Bears fired Matt Nagy, who went 34-31 in four seasons but regressed each year, leading to a 6-11 campaign in 2021. Brian Flores, formerly of the Dolphins, is the favorite to take over at  160. Flores prides himself on defense, which goes a long way in Chicago, and has experience working with a young quarterback (Tua), which could bode well for Justin Fields. Flores is receiving 21.3% of tickets and 17.6% of money. Keep an eye on Bills defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier. Frazier is only receiving 8.5% of tickets but 33.2% of money, which signals sneaky big bets in his favor. 

Brian Flores  160

Leslie Frazier  500

Brian Daboll  600

Jim Harbaugh  700

Doug Pederson  800

Bryon Leftwich  1000

Todd Bowles  1000


Minnesota Vikings

The Vikings parted ways with Mike Zimmer, who went 72-56 but finished with losing records the past two seasons. Eric Bienemy, currently offensive coordinator of the Chiefs, is the favorite at  300. Bienemy is receiving 17.4% of tickets but only 8% of money. If you're looking for a flier, consider former Eagles head coach Doug Pederson ( 900). Pederson is receiving 47.8% of tickets and a whopping 75.1% of money, a massive bet vs dollar discrepancy. 

Eric Bienemy  300

Brian Daboll  400

Brian Flores 800

Andrew Patterson  800

Doug Pederson  900

Kellen Moore  900


Miami Dolphins

Miami fired Brian Flores despite the fact that he went a respectable 24-25, including 19-14 over the past two seasons. Bills offensive coordinator Brian Daboll ( 300) is the favorite to take over. Daboll is well known in the AFC, having also been a longtime Patriots coach. Daboll is receiving 8.3% of bets but a massive 45.6% of money, signaling heavy sharp wagers in his favor. Former Colts coach Jim Caldwell ( 3000) is a longshot but he is receiving 16.7% of bets and 25.1% of money, the second largest dollar share. Jim Harbaugh ( 1400) is receiving 25% of bets but only 3.6% of money, indicating mostly casual small wagers. 

Brian Daboll 300

Eric Bienemy  500

Doug Pederson  550

Kellen Moore  600

Bryon Leftwich  800

Todd Bowles  800

Nathaniel Hackett  800


Jacksonville Jaguars

The Jaguars fired Urban Meyer, who went a putrid 2-11 and got fired in season. Former Texans head coach Bill O'Brien ( 200) is the favorite to take the reins. O'Brien is receiving 13.6% of bets and 11.5% of money. Bucs offensive coordinator Bryon Leftwich ( 300) is taking in 50% of bets and 51% of money, signaling big support in his favor. It would be a homecoming for Leftwich, who played four seasons in Jacksonville. Doug Pederson is receiving 18.2% of bets but only 5.6% of money, indicating casual support. 

Bill O'Brien  200

Byron Leftwich  300

Jim Caldwell  600

Darrell Bevell  600

Doug Pederson  700

Kellen Moore  1000


New York Giants

The Giants are looking for a new coach and general manager. Joe Judge was let go after going 10-23 in two seasons. Brian Daboll is the favorite at  350. Daboll is receiving 30.8% of bets but a heavy 70.1% of dollars, indicating big sharp action in his favor. Brian Flores ( 500) is receiving 30.8% of bets but only 15.6% of dollars, indicating small wager support. Jim Harbaugh ( 700) is also a public play, receiving 15.4% of bets but only 5% of money. The Giants have two early first round picks. If they target a quarterback to energize the rebuild, an offensive minded coach like Daboll makes sense. 

Brian Daboll  350

Doig Pederson  400

Brian Flores  500

Eric Bienemy  600

Jim Harbaugh  700

Bryan Leftwich  700

Josh McDaniels  800

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