New leader emerges in SuperContest; consensus goes 1-4

Dave Tuley senior reporter

October 9, 2017 12:31 AM

LAS VEGAS--We have a new leader as a SuperContestant going by the alias Cali Cappers went 5-0 in Week 5 to improve to 20-5 (80%) on the season.

Cali Cappers was in the clubhouse after Sunday’s early games and several players with 19 points (SuperContestants earn 1 point for each win and half a point for each push) had a chance for a share of the lead, but former leader Schematic Advantage (who split the $15,000 four-week leader bonus with PHD Sports last week) lost with the Rams and Cowboys, Timothy Billow lost with the Cowboys and Texans, Angel of Vengeance lost with the Texans, Tunnel Vision lost with the Texans and Fli 2 lost with the Cowboys. Seoul Cycle is in second place with 19.5 points (19-5-1) while the aforementioned five are tied for third place in the group at 19 points with Cubbies79, PHD Sports, Jacques Tuz and Ponytail Dave could join that group if the Vikings -3 covers Monday night against the Bears.

After going 4-1 last week, the Top 5 Consensus went 1-4 in Week 5. The Lions -2.5 was chosen by a SuperContest record 1,053 entrants but went down in flames in a 27-24 loss to the Panthers. The No. 2 choice, Bengals -3, won but the No. 3 Texans, No. 4 Rams and No. 5 Bills failed to cover.

Note: the No. 5 Bills were playing the No. 2 pick in the Bengals, so I can see how some might say that shouldn’t count as a loss, but the No. 6 Chiefs won (but were against the No. 3 Texans), so if we go to No. 7 Cowboys, they also lost so I’m sticking with the 1-4 mark. For the season, the Top 5 Consensus drops to 10-15 (40%). 

In the inaugural $5,000 winner-take-all Gold contest, BKSF went 3-2 to stand at 20-5 (80%) and holds a 2.5-point lead over Better Odds (who went 5-0) and Benson at 17.5 points. El Chingon can tie those two for second if Vikings -3 covers on Monday night. The Gold’s Top 5 Consensus went 3-2 in Week 5 with the Bengals, Chargers and Dolphins winning and the Cowboys and Texans losing. For the season, the Gold’s Top 5 is 12-13 (48%).

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