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NBA situational spots for bettors to watch

By Adam Burke  ( 


Time management skills are essential for being a successful bettor. It is a business in which time truly is money. Being able to budget time wisely and in the most efficient manner creates opportunities for profit. A lot of people think you have to know all of the players and be a master of the stats, but the reality is that you can create a strong framework by simply being organized.

Time-saving shortcuts can really help, and that is a big part of my strategy with the NBA. With 82 games, a rugged travel schedule and 16 playoff teams, you’re simply not going to get a fully engaged team every night. That is where situational spots come into the handicapping.

Let me emphasize that these are not sole justifications for a bet. They are starting points to begin handicapping so that I can narrow my focus on the card. I don’t have a lot of time for the NBA, but I can cherry-pick the games that interest me to see if the spread lines up with my thoughts.


First game back: The first game back after a road trip can be a tough one. Instead of being out with the boys and focused solely on basketball, the players come home to their families and all of the things that most people deal with on a daily basis. Sometimes there can be a bit of jet lag to overcome as well.

Most will say you need at least four straight road games for this angle, but that first game after some travel does seem to be a pretty tricky spot. It won’t always work out that way, and some instances will feel stronger than others. Complacency can set in a bit at home as well and home-court advantage may have overinflated the line.

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