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MLB is (almost) back: Updated futures odds for the shortened season

June 23, 2020 12:05 AM

After nearly three months of painful back-and-forth negotiations between the owners and players, Major League Baseball looks like it's finally coming back. 

Monday's rollercoaster ride started poorly with the MLBPA Executive Board voting 33-5 against MLB's final proposal to resume play, which would have included a 60-game season, expanded playoffs, universal designated hitter and a $25 million playoff pool to players. With both sides unable to strike a deal, the ball was sent to commissioner Rob Manfred's court. Late Monday evening, Manfred finally took matters into his own hands and pushed the nuclear button. He imposed a 60-game season based on the March 26 agreement previously made between the players and owners. 

In other words, play ball. 

However, we're not completely out of the woods yet. Two final hurdles need to be overcome by 5 p.m. ET today for the season to become official and the schedule to be released. The players must sign off on a July 1 report date to spring training and also agree to MLB's 67-page health and safety protocols. According to ESPN's Jeff Passan, "There is a strong expectation that the MLBPA will vote yes" on both measures. 

Assuming both measures are agreed upon, the players will then have seven days to report to their respective ballparks. The regular season will begin on the weekend of July 24-26. The final day of the regular season will be Sept. 27. 

That we are this close to having a major sport return is fantastic news for action-starved sports bettors. However, it's hard not to be completely frustrated by how baseball conducted itself throughout the process.  

Baseball's popularity has plummeted in recent years, especially with younger audiences. It had a golden opportunity to seize the moment and take center stage, giving Americans a sense of hope and a much-needed distraction during a global pandemic. This could have reinvigorated the game and recaptured its title as America's national pastime, becoming a true feel good story that we all desperately needed during these tough times. 

But it was not to be. If you were hoping for a July 4 Opening Day, expanded playoffs and the universal DH, sorry. All went out the door when the owners and players failed to reach an agreement. This now sets up another major battle after the 2021 season when the current CBA expires. If you thought these negotiations were rough, get ready for World War III in about a year and a half. 

Still, it's worth looking on the bright side. Despite all the trials and tribulations, baseball is back. Finally, bettors have a major sport to get down on. 

While we await the MLB schedule to be released, now is the time to start brushing up on futures prices and begin searching for value. Here are the latest odds to win each division, along with the American League, National League and the World Series at DraftKings. 

AL East

Yankees -305

Rays + 350

Red Sox + 800

Blue Jays + 3500

Orioles + 25000

AL Central

Twins -130

Indians + 265

White Sox + 285

Royals + 10000

Tigers + 15000

AL West

Astros -182

Athletics + 300

Angels + 550

Rangers + 1600

Mariners + 10000

NL East

Braves + 215

Nationals + 250

Mets + 275

Phillies + 325

Marlins + 20000

NL Central

Cubs + 225

Cardinals + 240

Reds + 265

Brewers + 300

Pirates + 8000

NL West

Dodgers -715

Diamondbacks + 900

Padres + 1100

Rockies + 2800

Giants + 8000

American League Pennant

Yankees + 175

Astros + 350

Twins/Rays + 800

Indians + 1100

Red Sox/Athletics + 1300

White Sox/Angels + 1500

Rangers/Blue Jays + 5000

Royals/Mariners + 25000

Orioles/Tigers + 35000

National League Pennant

Dodgers + 170

Braves + 600

Nationals + 750

Mets/Cardinals + 900

Cubs/Phillies + 1100

Brewers + 1500

Reds + 1800

Padres + 2200

Diamondbacks + 3000

Rockies + 7000

Pirates + 10000

Giants + 12500

Marlins + 35000

World Series

Dodgers + 375

Yankees + 400

Astros + 650

Braves + 1300

Twins + 1600

Nationals/Rays + 1800

Phillies/Cardinals + 2000

Cubs/Indians/Mets + 2200

Reds/Athletics + 2500

Red Sox/White Sox/Brewers + 3000

Angels + 3300

Diamondbacks/Padres + 4000

Rangers + 8000

Pirates/Blue Jays + 10000

Rockies + 15000

Giants + 25000

Royals/Mariners + 50000

Orioles/Tigers/Marlins + 75000

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