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MLB head-to-head trends pay off


We’re almost halfway through the baseball season, and our betting knowledge of each team’s strengths and weaknesses grows with each passing week. We know the Diamondbacks are just plain bad. We know the Rockies are a solid wager at home but an automatic fade on the road. We know the Yankees’ bats are underperforming. We know the Cubs’ bullpen is way better than anyone thought. I could make plenty of other obvious observations, but the trouble is, these things are so glaring that oddsmakers have accounted for them in their daily game lines. 

As bettors, we need to find key handicapping nuggets that might be under the radar. To do this, you sometimes have to go past the here and now and expand beyond the current season for running trends that continue to produce. One of the best things you can do is to look at teams’ recent head-to-head history. When you do this, it becomes clear that certain teams just match up with certain opponents better than others. Furthermore, certain teams just play better or worse at specific ballparks. In many cases, these trends simply can’t be ignored and should be ridden hard until you see signs of changing.

Several series trends I’ll disclose might be common knowledge, but others took me by surprise. Mark the dates of the remaining games between the teams on your betting calendars so you don’t miss what have been easy profit-making opportunities.

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