MLB 2020 over/under tracker

By Ben Fawkes  ( 

The abbreviated 60-game Major League Baseball is now over, and it's time to see which teams exceeded bookmakers' expectations or disappointed.

Here is a tracker of how every team did against their over/under:


Atlanta Braves O 33.5

Baltimore Orioles O 20.5

Chicago Cubs O 31.5

Chicago White Sox O 31.5

Cleveland Indians O 33.5

Detroit Tigers O 21.5*

Kansas City Royals O 24.5

Los Angeles Dodgers O 37.5

Miami Marlins O 24.5

Minnesota Twins O 34.5

Oakland Athletics O 33.5

San Diego Padres O 30.5

San Francisco Giants O 25.5

Seattle Mariners O 24.5

Tampa Bay Rays O 33.5

Toronto Blue Jays O 27.5



Arizona Diamondbacks U 31.5

Boston Red Sox U 30.5

Cincinnati Reds U 31.5

Colorado Rockies U 27.5

Houston Astros U 35.5

Los Angeles Angels U 31.5

Milwaukee Brewers U 30.5

New York Mets U 32.5

New York Yankees U 37.5

Pittsburgh Pirates U 25.5

Philadelphia Phillies U 31.5

St. Louis Cardinals U 31.5*

Texas Rangers U 28.5

Washington Nationals U 33.5

*refunded at most books (58 games played)

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