NGU North Greenville Crusaders 46
North Greenville Crusaders North Greenville Overall (0-2)
ATS (0-0)
O/U (0-0)
December 31 2018
- SEC Network+
SCAR South Carolina Gamecocks 97
South Carolina Gamecocks South Carolina Overall (5-7)
ATS (2-6)
O/U (6-2)
Money Line Total: Spread ATS
North Greenville Crusaders OFF OFF OFF
South Carolina Gamecocks OFF OFF OFF
Money Line Total: Spread ATS

COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) — After a month of defeats, South Carolina was anxious for a win — no matter who it came against.

The Gamecocks got 22 points from freshman A.J. Lawson and 21 from Chris Silva to end a four-game losing streak with a 97-46 rout of Division II North Greenville on Monday.

"This felt really good," Lawson said.

Especially after South Carolina's (5-7) struggles since its last win on Nov. 30, a stretch that included defeats to No. 2 Michigan, No. 4 Virginia and state rival Clemson. It made no difference to the Gamecocks if the opponent was from a lower division or the NBA, they just wanted success.

"It was important," South Carolina coach Frank Martin said. "At this place, losing is unacceptable and no one was in a real good mood."

Things lightened up quickly against the Crusaders, who fell behind 13-2 and never rallied.

Competition will pick up quickly, too, as the Gamecocks start Southeastern Conference play Saturday night.

"We practiced really hard and played really hard at practice," Silva said. "It didn't always translate in the game."

Still, the contest, which North Greenville (1-10) counted as an exhibition, turned into one right away as the bigger, stronger Gamecocks came out fast. Tre Campbell and A.J. Lawson had 3-pointers in the first four minutes as South Carolina opened up a big lead.

There were the predictable, on court moments where South Carolina's SEC pedigree was obvious. North Greenville sophomore guard Daniko Jackson, at 5-foot-10, dribbled to the basket where 6-9 Silva and 7-1 Jason Cudd were waiting.

Jackson's shot attempt was quickly knocked away.

Then again, the Crusaders kept their heads up. After North Greenville's Roderick Howell blocked 6-9 Felipe Haase shot, he took off down the court and finished an alley-oop bucket after a sweet pass from Ryan Mobley.

By then, South Carolina was ahead by 21 points and not letting up.

These Division II contests have been a tradition of Martin, a high-profile shout out to in-state programs that generally fly under the radar. South Carolina has played Coker, Francis Marion, Lander and Limestone the previous few seasons, all in late December — and all, as expected, sizeable Gamecock wins.

North Greenville coach Chad Lister appreciated the first-class treatment and opportunity his team got from South Carolina. "It was a good day for us," he said. "And that's hard to admit when you lose as bad as we lost."

Caleb Arrington had 13 points to lead North Greenville.

Things turned scary for the Gamecocks in the second half when Silva, a senior who was the SEC's co-defensive player of the year last winter, hit the floor hard and did not get up quickly. Martin and the training staff came out to check and Silva eventually walked it off to the bench. He stayed on the sidelines the rest of the way.

Silva said his knee was fine. "It will be sore," he said.


North Greenville: The Crusaders have a difficult week ahead following up this game with one at Lincoln Memorial on New Year's Day, some 300 miles northwest of the Colonial Life Arena in Harrogate, Tennessee. North Greenville plays twice more this week with home games Thursday and Saturday.

South Carolina: The Gamecocks got a good workout and the return of starting forward Maik Kotsar, who had missed the previous two games since a loss to Michigan. He was placed in the concussion protocol after getting hurt in practice some two weeks back.


Before the game, South Carolina said freshman forward Alanzo Frink will be out with an ankle injury. There was no timetable for his return. Starters Justin Minaya and T.J. Moss are also out.


North Greenville plays at Lincoln Memorial on Tuesday.

South Carolina opens Southeastern Conference play at Florida on Saturday.


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North Greenville Overall
W/L 0-2
ATS 0-0
Pts For 56.5
Pts Against 102.0
Total 0-0
North Greenville Away
W/L 0-2
ATS 0-0
Pts For 56.5
Pts Against 102.0
Total 0-0
Date Opponent Result ATS O/U
Avg. Points For
Avg. Points Against
South Carolina Overall
W/L 5-7
ATS 2-6
Pts For 74.1
Pts Against 70.4
Total 6-2
South Carolina Home
W/L 4-4
ATS 0-4
Pts For 73.8
Pts Against 69.0
Total 3-1
Date Opponent Result ATS O/U
Avg. Points For
Avg. Points Against
North Greenville
NameMinFG3 PTFTOff RebRebAstStlBlkTOFouls+/-PTS
Caleb Arrlington (G) 24:004-10 40%4-9 44.4%1-1 100%0411021013
Roderick Howell (F) 36:004-8 50%0-0 0%3-7 42.9%3400123011
AJ Myers (G) 25:003-9 33.3%0-1 0%2-3 66.7%120104308
Daniel Burchette (G) 35:003-8 37.5%0-3 0%0-0 0%343101206
Kovi Tate (F) 22:002-10 20%0-1 0%1-2 50%6120004405
Spencer Kirkpatrick (F) 7:001-3 33.3%0-0 0%0-0 0%120001002
Daniko Jackson (G) 10:000-2 0%0-0 0%1-2 50%020003201
Ryan Mobley (F) 20:000-1 0%0-0 0%0-0 0%034004200
Joe Conley (F) 15:000-2 0%0-0 0%0-0 0%002111300
Logan Holliday (G) 3:000-1 0%0-1 0%0-0 0%000000100
Luke Raines (G) 3:000-1 0%0-1 0%0-0 0%000000000
DJ Brooks (G) 00:000-1 0%0-1 0%0-0 0%000000000
Jalon Cokley (G) 00:000-0 0%0-0 0%0-0 0%000000000
Christian Kincaid (G) 00:000-0 0%0-0 0%0-0 0%000000000
Corey Walters (G) 00:000-0 0%0-0 0%0-0 0%000000000
South Carolina
NameMinFG3 PTFTOff RebRebAstStlBlkTOFouls+/-PTS
A.J. Lawson (G) 20:008-13 61.5%3-7 42.9%3-4 75%1523121022
Chris Silva (F) 25:006-7 85.7%1-1 100%8-8 100%3910413021
Keyshawn Bryant (F) 22:008-12 66.7%1-1 100%2-4 50%1323013019
Tre Campbell (G) 25:004-9 44.4%3-6 50%0-0 0%1200010011
Maik Kotsar (F) 20:001-3 33.3%0-0 0%5-6 83.3%281060207
Hassani Gravett (G) 27:002-7 28.6%0-4 0%2-2 100%159201306
Evan Hinson (G) 24:001-6 16.7%1-4 25%2-2 100%121101305
Felipe Haase (F) 16:001-4 25%0-0 0%2-2 100%441201104
Quad Borup (NA) 2:001-1 100%0-0 0%0-0 0%000000002
Jason Cudd (F) 17:000-1 0%0-0 0%0-0 0%020000100
Nathan Nelson (F) 2:000-2 0%0-1 0%0-0 0%010000000
Jair Bolden (G) 00:000-0 0%0-0 0%0-0 0%000000000
Jermaine Couisnard (G) 00:000-0 0%0-0 0%0-0 0%000000000
Alanzo Frink (F) 00:000-0 0%0-0 0%0-0 0%000000000
Justin Minaya (F) 00:000-0 0%0-0 0%0-0 0%000000000
T.J. Moss (G) 00:000-0 0%0-0 0%0-0 0%000000000