Market Insights: Countdown to kickoff on lines and props

Welcome to Championship Weekend. All throughout the week we've tracked and analyzed the spread and total for the two big games. Here is the latest betting update roughly 24 hours to kickoff. 

-In the AFC Championship game, two-thirds of bets are laying the points with Kansas City yet the line has fallen from Chiefs -7.5 to -7, signaling smart money backing the road dog Titans at + 7.5. The total has risen from 51 to 53 since opening. 

-The public is relatively split when it comes to the NFC Championship. Just over half the bets, but also some sharps, are backing the home favorite 49ers which has pushed the line from San Francisco -7 to -7.5. Pros and Joes have also targeted the over, moving the line from 45 to 46.5. 

For more analysis and betting updates, be sure to join Michael Lombardi, Patrick Meagher and myself this morning from 9 a.m-noon ET on The Lombardi Line. We'll be breaking down Saturday sharp action for both NFL games, plus NBA and College Basketball smart money. 

One thing we haven't discussed this week: prop bets.

Also known as "exotics" or "fun bets," propositional bets can be any bet on the game that isn't the conventional spread, moneyline or over/under. Bettors have a plethora of prop bets available to them this weekend. 

Let's discuss a handful of props available at Circa Sports. 

AFC Championship: Titans at Chiefs

Team Totals

Titans Over 22.5 points (-115), Under 22.5 points (-105)

Chiefs Over 30.5 points (-110), Under 30.5 points (-110)

*Tennessee averages 25 PPG on offense. The Titans scored 20 points in the Wild Card round against New England and 28 points agains the Ravens in the Divisional Round. 

*Kansas City averages 29.53 PGG on offense. The Chiefs scored 52 against the Texans in last week's Divisional Round.


Ryan Tannehill

Passing yards: Over 229.5, Under 229.5

Rushing yards: Over 16.5, Under 16.5

TD passes: Over 1.5 (even), Under 1.5 (-120)

Throw Interception? Yes -120, No even

*Tannehill finished the regular season with 2,742 passing yards (243.9 YPG), 22 TDs and 6 INTs. Tannehill has only passed for 160 yards through two postseason games with 3 TDs and 1 INT. He rushed for 11 yards and 13 yards against the Patriots and Ravens, respectively.

Patrick Mahomes

Passing yards: Over 302.5, Under 302.5

Rushing yards: Over 19.5, Under 19.5

TD passes: Over 2.5 (+ 125), Under 2.5 (-145)

Throw Interception? Yes ven, No -120

*Mahomes threw for 4,031 yards during the regular season (303.5 YPG), including 26 TDS and 5 INTs. Mahomes threw for 321 yards, 5 TDs and 0 INTs against the Texans in the Divisional Round. He rushed 7 times for 53 yards. 

Derrick Henry

Rushing yards: Over 109.5, Under 109.5Score a TD? Yes -170, No + 150

*Henry rushed for 1,540 yards in the regular season (102.7 YPG), including 16 TDs. Henry rushed 24 times for 182 yards against the Patriots and 30 times for 195 yards against the Ravens (one TD total).

A.J. Brown

Receiving yards: Over 57.5, Under 57.5

Score a TD? Yes + 155, Now -180

*Brown finished the regular season with 52 catches for 1,051 yards and 8 TDs. Brown has only caught two balls for 13 yards this postseason.

Tyreek Hill

Receiving yards: Over 73.5, Under 73.5

Score a TD? Yes + 105, No -125

*Hill caught 58 balls for 860 yards and 7 TDs during the regular season. Hill caught 3 passed for 41 yards against the Texans (zero TDs).

Travis Kelce

Receiving yards: Over 77.5, Under 77.5

Score a TD? Yes even, No -120

*Kelce caught 97 passed during the regular season for 1,229 and 5 TDs. Kelce caught 10 passes for 134 yards and 3 TDs against the Texans in the Divisional Round. 

NFC Championship: Packers at 49ers

Team Totals 

Packers Over 19.5 points (-110), Under 19.5 points (-110)

49ers Over 27 points (-110), Under 27 points (-110)

*Green Bay averages 23.5 PGG on offense. The Packers scored 28 points against the Seahawks in the Divisional Round.

*San Francisco averages 29.9 PPG on offense. The 49ers scored 27 points against the Vikings last week. 

Aaron Rodgers

Passing yards: Over 236.5 (-110), Under 236.5

Rushing yards: Over 11.5 (-110), Under 11.5 (-110)

TD passes: Over 1.5 (+ 110), Under 1.5 (-130)

Throw INT? Yes + 125, No -145

*Rodgers finished the regular season with 4,002 passing yards (161.6 YPG), 26 TDS and 4 INTs. Rodgers threw for 243 yards in the Divisional Round with 2 TDS and ran 5 times for 14 yards.

Jimmy Garoppolo

Passing yards: Over 242.5 (-110), Under 242.5 (-110)

Rushing yards: Over 2.5 (-115), Under 2.5 (-105)

TD passes: Over 1.5 (-120), Under 1.5 even

Throw INT? Yes -115, No + 135

*Garoppolo finished the regular season with 3,978 passing yards (252.5 YPG), including 27 TDs and 13 INTs. Garoppolo threw for 131 yards, 1 TD and 1 INT against the Vikings. He rushed 4 times for zero yards.

Aaron Jones

Rushing yards: Over 60.5 (-110), Under 60.5 (-110)

Score a TD? Yes + 110, No -130

*Jones rushed 236 times for 1,084 yards in the regular season (67.8 YPG), including 16 TDs. Jones rushed 21 times for 62 yards and 2 TDs against Seattle in the Divisional Round.

Davante Adams

Receiving Yards: Over 80.5 (-110), Under 80.5 (-110)

Score a TD? Yes + 140, No -160

*Adams caught 83 passes for 997 yards (83.1 YPG) during the regular season with 5 TDs. Adams caught 8 passes for 160 yards and 2 TDs in the Divisional Round. 

George Kittle

Receiving yards: Over 76.5 (-110), Under 76.5 (-110)

Score a TD? Yes + 125, No -145

*Kittle caught 85 passes for 1,053 yards (75.2 YPG) and 5 TDs during the regular season. Kittle caught 3 passed for 16 yards and no TDs in the Divisional Round agains the Vikings. 

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