Major League Baseball win totals for 2017


February 11, 2017 12:01 PM

By VSiN staff

The first MLB regular-season win total to be posted was 97.5 on the Chicago Cubs, a number that went up Thursday at the Golden Nugget sports book in Las Vegas.

On Friday, the Atlantis sports book in Reno opened win totals on all 30 teams:

Chicago Cubs 95.5

Cleveland Indians 92.5

Los Angeles Dodgers 91.5

Boston Red Sox 90.5

Washington Nationals 90.5

New York Mets 89.5

Houston Astros 87.5

San Francisco Giants 87.5

St. Louis Cardinals 87.5

Texas Rangers 86.5

Toronto Blue Jays 86.5

Detroit Tigers 85.5

Pittsburgh Pirates 85.5

Seattle Mariners 85.5

Baltimore Orioles 84.5

New York Yankees 83.5

Kansas City Royals 80.5

Colorado Rockies 79.5

Arizona Diamondbacks 78.5

Miami Marlins 77.5

Los Angeles Angels 76.5

Tampa Bay Rays 75.5

Chicago White Sox 73.5

Cincinnati Reds 73.5

Milwaukee Brewers 72.5

Philadelphia Phillies 72.5

Atlanta Braves 71.5

Minnesota Twins 70.5

Oakland Athletics 66.5

San Diego Padres 64.5

(All sides are minus-110)

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