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Keep eye on MLB righty-lefty splits


I got a pretty good response last week after highlighting day-night splits in Major League Baseball. I don’t think bettors give this type of information enough consideration even though it is readily available on and in Point Spread Weekly. Simply, foundational reasons help explain why certain teams perform better in these varying situations. Another split that shows up in our MLB team reports each week is performances against left-handed and right-handed starting pitching.

The foundation for why a team performs better against left- or right-handed pitchers is fairly basic. In most cases, it’s simply having more batters on the opposite side, who see the ball better and succeed accordingly. If a team is stacked with mostly right-handed hitters, it will likely have more success against left-handed starters, and vice versa. While some luck and coincidence is involved, teams’ lefty-righty splits have enough merit that bettors should give these numbers consideration day in and day out. 

Here are 10 teams that have shown drastically different performance levels against left-handed and right-handed starters in 2021. Again, note that these numbers are taken directly off this week’s MLB team reports and can be tracked daily on the matchup pages on

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