Keep an eye on Cardinals' pitching

Jeff Fogle  
VSiN City newsletter

August 17, 2018 11:20 PM

After treading water immediately following a mid-season managerial change, the St. Louis Cardinals caught fire days after the All-Star Break. In fact, the Cards entered the weekend with the best record in the National League since that hiatus, highlighted by an eight-game winning streak that ended Thursday night.


Most importantly for bettors, markets have been slow to react to the St. Louis surge. In a stretch that included the winning streak, backers only had to lay more than -150 twice during a 12-2 rampage through Colorado, Pittsburgh, Miami, Kansas City, and Washington.


Even now, you can get St. Louis at 25/1 to win the National League, 60/1 to win the World Series at William Hill. Not bad for a team that’s just a handful games out of first place in its division, fewer away from a Wildcard spot.


NL and World Series Odds

LA Dodgers: 5/2 and 6/1

Philadelphia: 11/2 and 14/1

Arizona: 13/2 and 15/1

Atlanta: 13/2 and 18/1

Milwaukee: 8/1 and 20/1

Colorado: 12/1 and 30/1

Washington: 14/1 and 35/1

St. Louis: 25/1 and 60/1


Not consistent with current won-lost records. Of course, this weekend’s series with Milwaukee is critical. Saturday night’s game will be nationally televised by FS1.


Scheduled to start for the Cards Saturday is hidden gem Miles Mikolas. These stats would be getting Cy Young consideration if he weren’t so hidden!


Miles Mikolas Money Maker

Record: 12-3

Team Record: 17-7

ERA: 2.85

WHIP 1.05


St. Louis has won seven of his last eight starts.


A great tip for bettors to remember is that the market often underprices teams with unheralded starting pitching, while overpricing the most overpowering arms. Nobody on this staff excites the public in the manner of Clayton Kershaw, Chris Sale, and the like. This is the current rotation steamrolling the second half schedule…


Pick a Card

Miles Mikolas: 2.85 ERA

Austin Gomber: 2.89 ERA

Jack Flaherty: 3.22 ERA

John Gant: 3.74 ERA

Luke Weaver: 4.67 ERA


Maybe don’t pick Weaver. The rest will keep you in position to at least compete, and will win with normal run support.


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