Injury Report - MLB

MLB Injuries
Tom Sun (DOUBT) 6/11/2020 (Rest) downgraded to DOUBT Tuesday vs TEST B
PITCHER TWOA (PROB) 6/11/2020 (Rest) upgraded to PROB Tuesday vs TEST B
Test PitcherA (OUT) 6/10/2020 (Rest) downgraded to OUT Wednesday vs TEST B
Pit Cher (OUT) 5/13/2020 (Rest) has been named the starter Wednesday vs TEST H
PlayerTwo Wilson (DOUBT) 5/13/2020 (Rest) downgraded to DOUBT Wednesday vs TEST G
PlayerOne Sun (QUES) 5/13/2020 (Rest) upgraded to QUES Wednesday vs TEST H
Un Undecided (PROB) 5/12/2020 (Rest) upgraded to PROB Wednesday vs TEST D
Boston Red Sox
Chris Sale (OUT) 2/27/2020 (Pneumonia) 10-day IL (02/27)
New York Yankees
Aaron Judge (OUT) 3/7/2020 (Rest) 10-day IL (03/07)
Luis Severino (OUT) 2/25/2020 (Elbow) OUT for season
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