Indians top Cubs in World Series futures wagers

Matt Youmans  
VSiN senior editor

April 2, 2017 01:35 AM
Joe Maddon managed the Cubs' 103-win World Series championship team. Now, can he do it again?
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Five months after Kris Bryant and Anthony Rizzo jumped for a mid-air hug to celebrate the end of a legendary World Series drought, the betting love affair with the Chicago Cubs is history.

The public suddenly seems more interested in the Cleveland Indians, the Game 7 losers.

South Point sports book director Chris Andrews said the Indians have attracted the most money in World Series futures. But that’s a sensationalized storyline, because the Cubs are the second-most wagered team, so it’s not as if they are forgotten.

“I think there is a romanticism about finding them the first time,” Andrews said. “You’re not finding anything now. On paper, the Cubs look like the best team again.”

The days of getting the Cubs at double-digit odds are long gone, so the value hunters are looking for other teams. And, of course, the thrill of betting on the Cubs to end a 108-year championship drought is gone.

The Cubs and Indians are co-favorites at 4-1 odds, though Cleveland did go as high as 12-1 in the offseason.

On the South Point win totals board, the Cubs hold the top spot in the majors at 95½.


Posted at South Point sports book

Chicago Cubs 95.5

Los Angeles Dodgers 94

Cleveland Indians 92.5

Boston Red Sox 91.5

Washington Nationals 91

Houston Astros 90

New York Mets 89

San Francisco Giants 88.5

Seattle Mariners 86

Toronto Blue Jays 85.5

Texas Rangers 84.5

St. Louis Cardinals 84

New York Yankees 83

Detroit Tigers 82.5

Pittsburgh Pirates 82.5

Baltimore Orioles 80.5

Colorado Rockies 80

Los Angeles Angels 79

Tampa Bay Rays 78.5

Arizona Diamondbacks 77.5

Kansas City Royals 77

Miami Marlins 76

Minnesota Twins 75.5

Atlanta Braves 75

Oakland A’s 74.5

Philadelphia Phillies 73

Milwaukee Brewers 70.5

Chicago White Sox 70

Cincinnati Reds 70

San Diego Padres 66

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