Ignore CBB powers for futures wagers


We are entering one of the most crucial periods of the sports betting calendar.


The betting public is spending two weeks focusing on Patrick Mahomes’ turf toe, the color of Gatorade to be dumped on the winning Super Bowl coach and the Over/Under on the length of the national anthem. That leaves little time to take advantage of the college basketball futures board before the public turns its attention away from the NFL and to a new sport in search of action.


This will give rise to an influx of novice bettors, especially those in states that have newly legalized gambling, such as Virginia, Tennessee and Michigan. They will gravitate toward and invest in the brand-name programs they can watch each week on television. 


While those people remain concerned about what Tom Brady can do, let’s use the prized commodity of timing to handicap the future offerings of the marquee college programs before any remaining value is drained out of the market. 

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