How will Lucas Oil Stadium affect totals in Final Four?


One of the biggest topics of conversation for the Final Four will be how games are impacted by being played in cavernous Lucas Oil Stadium. There is always concern for offensive output when basketball games are played in football venues. Speculation will center on if scoring will be harder since the court is dwarfed by the interior with unconventional backdrops that seemingly alters depth perception.

Keep in mind that this year’s setup inside the massive venue is different. Instead of just one court, there are two playing areas adjacent to each other to help create distancing and cleaning opportunities.

Bettors can do some unique Final Four scoring handicapping because of this year’s altered tournament schedule. The venue housing the last three games of the tournament has already been used for early-round games and those in the Elite Eight.

We complied the shooting percentages for the tournament games played at Lucas Oil Stadium compared to the teams’ overall regular-season averages below. This will provide some quantifiable data to help understand if the venue plays a role in the final score and if there is a betting edge to be gleaned.

There are a multitude of factors that alter shooting percentages (defense, good shooting teams, poor shooting teams, travel, injuries, etc.), but 12 tournament games already played in the stadium provide a frame of reference and data for those hypothesizing the venue’s role in scoring. 

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