Grannys Boy still leads SuperContest Classic with 2 weeks to go; Stag Capital regains Gold lead

Dave Tuley senior reporter

December 19, 2017 12:07 AM

LAS VEGAS – SuperContest players were fit to be tied in Week 15 as the Top 5 Consensus went a very unlikely 2-0-3.

The 49ers -2 was the most-selected play of the record 2,748 entrants in SuperContest Classic (the famous $1,500 buy-in contest where players make five plays each week against the Westgate’s contest spread and earn 1 point per win and half a point per push) and earned the push with their 25-23 win over the Titans on Robbie Gould’s FG as time expired. The other pushes were the Patriots’ 27-24 win over the Steelers and the Cowboys’ 20-17 win over the Raiders, both with the favorites by the 3-point spread. The wins were the Chiefs at pick ‘em in their 30-13 win over the Chargers on Saturday night and the Rams plus-2 in their 42-7 rout of the Seahawks.

When all the dust had settled Sunday night, the player using the alias of Grannys Boy was still guaranteed of holding the SuperContest Classic lead with two weeks to go. Grannys Boy went 2-1-2 in Week 15 (pushing with the Titans and Cowboys) to stand at 50-20-5 (71.4%) for 52.5 contest points. Former leader BioSoft Global was in second place through Sunday night with 50.5 points after going 3-1-1 in Week 15, but another former leader, Schematic Advantage had the Buccaneers plus-6.5 in their 24-21 loss to the Falcons on Monday night and moved into sole possession of second place with 51, pulling within 1.5 points of the leader.

In SuperContest Gold (the inaugural $5,000 buy-in, winner-take-all event), Stag Capital was the leader coming into this week and stumbled at 1-2-1 on Sunday (while also losing in the quarterfinals of the Golden Nugget high-end contest), but then hit with the Buccaneers on Monday night to regain first place with 45 points on a record of 44-29-2 (60.3%). Former leader BrettFavre444 is one game back with 44 points while Midwest Square, who could have taken over the lead if the Falcons had covered on Monday night, sits in a tie for third place at 43.5 points with early-season leader BKSF.

The Gold’s Top 5 Consensus went 2-1-2 in Week 15 with the same wins on the Chiefs and Rams, while pushing with the 49ers and Steelers (opposite pick of the Classic, which had the Patriots as the fourth-most-picked team, but same push result) and losing with the Bears plus-5.5.

We'll continue to follow the races to the big money in SuperContest Classic and Gold, which will both be decided on Sunday, Dec. 31 with the NFL's closing Week 17 card.



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