Good idea to bet on MLB faves?

By Adam Burke  ( 

Favorites are supposed to win. After all, those teams or individuals are lined as favorites for a reason. Favorites have a certain level of expectation as the better team or the better athlete. Through the betting odds, we can see this phenomenon play out right before our eyes. The oddsmakers put up a price and bettors agree or disagree with that expectation and the line moves accordingly.
When it comes to Major League Baseball, it seems as if a lot of bettors shy away from betting favorites that are too big. In football or basketball, a lot of gamblers will take those big favorites on the spread, like a -14 favorite on the gridiron or a -10 favorite on the hardwood. The vig is still -110 or thereabouts, so the amount of loss if something goes wrong doesn’t seem nearly as daunting as it would with a moneyline sport.
Baseball, predominantly a moneyline sport, forces bettors into the decision of more money at risk for a lesser reward when it comes to those aforementioned expectations. It is more of a black-and-white sport from a betting standpoint. The team wins or the team loses.
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