Georgia season starts Saturday

Finally, the #2 Georgia Bulldogs will begin their 2018 college football season! 

That may sound a bit harsh heading into this Saturday’s nationally televised battle at #13 LSU (CBS, 2:30 p.m.). But Georgia has faced a very soft schedule out of the gate. The 6-0 Bulldogs opened as double-digit favorites in every game (they did close at -9 before a 41-17 win at South Carolina).

The second half of the season will be tougher. Though, Georgia could conceivably be double-digit favorites four MORE times…even with a slew of ranked opponents on the immediate horizon.

Georgia’s Remaining Schedule

Saturday: at #13 LSU (currently -7.5)

October 27: vs. #14 Florida (“look-ahead” near -10)

November 3: at #18 Kentucky

November 10: vs. #21 Auburn

November 17: vs. Massachusetts

November 24: vs. Georgia Tech

Longtime football fans know the Georgia/Florida game is played each year at a neutral site in Jacksonville. Early “low-limit” point spreads show Georgia in the -10 to -11 range. That’s consistent with the Bulldogs being favored by 7.5 in Baton Rouge. Equivalent price to around 10 or 11 at a neutral site…and LSU and Florida are seen as even teams. 

Unless Georgia is exposed as a pretender its next two games, it will be respected by the market in Lexington too, its final road game. Not listed: the assumed SEC Championship meeting with Alabama on December 1.


Returning to the Final Four is well within reach, even if Georgia is unable to beat powerful ‘Bama. But the margin for error could be dicey given the current national picture. Alabama is very likely to run the table, and would still have a dominating resume as a one-loss team if there’s an upset. Clemson, Ohio State, and Notre Dame are also currently favored to win out. That’s five teams fighting for four spots.


Current Consensus National Championship Odds

Alabama 1/2 (67%)

Ohio State 9/2 (18%)

Clemson 9/2 (18%)

Georgia 7/1 (14%)

Notre Dame 8/1 (11%)


Those win equivalents in parenthesis add up to a lot more than 100% because sports books create a larger universe of percentages to represent their house edge. Markets see it as a five-team race, and those five teams by themselves add up to 128%!


Obviously, if Georgia loses at LSU Saturday, they become the team most likely to be left standing without a chair when the music stops.

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